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The Political Trade is the only podcast devoted to political freaks and probability geeks seeking fun and profit by trading in political prediction markets.

Host Jeff Joseph joins elite prediction market traders and political insiders offering actionable insights on the week’s best trading opportunities. The Political Trade is brought to you by the award-winning Luckbox magazine.

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Dylan Ratigan Trades: Thinking Outside the Lockbox (#19)

Equipped with raw intuition and unique insights, Dylan Ratigan returns in Part 2, ready to tackle the prediction markets of PredictIt. Wasting no time, Dylan walks through a total of 10 markets, sharing the picks he thinks have the highest probability in each. TRADES include: Handicapping Biden’s health through November, Senate control, the Electoral College and Michelle Obama’s fandom. Dylan then jumps to Trump mispricing and ends the episode with the highest-payout “Luckbox Lockbox trade suggestion to date.
Dylan Ratigan Trades: Thinking Outside the Lockbox (#19)

Dylan Ratigan: They’re All Greedy Bastards (#18)

Dylan Ratigan has so much to say about what is wrong with politics today, it took two episodes. We begin by asking Dylan to revisit his memorably viral on-air MSNBC rant. Also in Part 1, Dylan riffs on partisanship, redistricting, ranked balloting, running for office, the two-party system and prediction markets’ political biases.
Dylan Ratigan: They’re All Greedy Bastards (#18)

Free Money — The Trader’s Guide to Negative Risk (#17)

Not all headlines are clickbait — at the request of a TPT listener, this episode explains the ins and outs of a political prediction market strategy that results in free money! It's called “Negative Risk.” Tricky at first, but TPT super trader Scott “Sazerac” Supak uses the Democratic VP market to illustrate the trading tactic where the house pays you back for each new trade. TPT Mailbag: Rachel Bitecofer, PredictIt’s Tweet Retreat & A Letter From Johnny Ringo. TACTICS: The Ultimate Intro to Mastering Negative Risk (101). TRADES: Balance of Power in D’ House & D’ Senate & The Highs & Lows of Trump’s Approval.THE LUCKBOX LOCKBOX: Riding the Pence Train.
Free Money — The Trader’s Guide to Negative Risk (#17)

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