Less Than Zero

All of the attention in markets was focused on crude oil the week of April 20, when on that Monday and Tuesday, the price of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil fell to a new all-time low, below zero, and to negative $40.32 per barrel in the expiring May futures contract. Any trader who had … Continued

Currencies’ Future

Most traders don’t pay much attention to foreign currencies or their value relative to the dollar. But everything that’s traded has a dollar component. Whether it’s gold, crude or soybeans, traders buy and sell them priced in dollars. That’s why rises and falls in the value of the dollar can have a direct impact on … Continued

Inversion in Treasuries: Two Ways to Trade

A savvy futures trader’s take on the markets Rip van Winkle slept for 20 years, but that was 200 years ago. Today, van Winkle’s smart phone would probably disturb his slumber after a mere 12 years.  So suppose the Washington Irving character nodded off back in 2007 and awoke last month. He would have been … Continued

Metals Detector

A savvy futures trader’s take on the markets How about this for a new idea: The Beach Exchange. It’s based on the treasure hunters who scan the shoreline with metal detectors in search of hidden objects of value. It’s not just a hobby because some beachcombers make a living by selling the rings, watches, coins … Continued

Oil and the Dollar

Crude oil and the U.S. dollar have a marriage made in a therapist’s office. Sometimes there’s frustration, sometimes there’s tension—but they are forever tied to each other. As if to celebrate this union, crude oil and the dollar are doing something they’ve only done 11 times in the past 35 years. They’re moving in the … Continued