The Luckbox Bookshelf

New and not-so-new books that captured our attention this month The Man of Numbers: Fibonacci’s Arithmetic Revolution By Keith Devlin  In this scholarly 2011 biography of Leonardo of Pisa—the 13th-century math whiz better known as Fibonacci—author Keith Devlin documents a life of nearly unparalleled achievement. At the same time, Devlin shoulders the task of dispelling … Continued

Meet Joseph Barbuto

Home/Office location Long Island, NY Age 59 Years trading 25 How did you start trading? Around 1987, I was working for a small electronics company that Bear Sterns took public. This gave me some insight into the reality of small public companies. I started playing with penny stocks. What I learned about penny stocks was … Continued

Meet Derek Mullen

Home/Office location: Dublin, Ireland  Age: 48 Years trading: 15 How did you start trading? I was lucky enough to be working for a company that issued stock to its employees. This sparked an interest in learning about how markets worked. I took every course I could find. Once I started learning, I couldn’t stop. Favorite … Continued

Meet Alex Weisenbach

Home/Office location Cornell University (Class of 2023) Age 20 Alex Weisenbach began investing when he was 9 years old. Upon discovering tastytrade, a network that covers stocks and options, he called in so often to express his opinion that co-CEO Tom Sosnoff invited him to appear on a show.  Years trading 10 How did you … Continued

Where the Action Is

Volatility is synonymous with the probability of movement. Consistently volatile sectors, such as oil services (OIH), oil and gas exploration (XOP) and gold miners (GDXJ), have a high probability of movement. Other sectors, including consumerstaples (XLP), utilities (XLU) and healthcare (XLV), have a lower probability of movement, meaning they’re more stable and thus more appropriate … Continued

Celebrate National Mezcal Day

October is the perfect month to add a little smoke and spice to your favorite drinks Mezcal — tequila’s estranged cousin — is quickly becoming more popular than ever, and the fact that National Mezcal Day is Oct. 21, serves as a reminder to try it if you have not yet done so. You won’t … Continued

Own this ticker…

In this new age of cryptocurrency, non-fungible token’s (or NFTs) are a new economic collectible form of digital art. The popularity of NFTs has begun to rise on the internet. We sure have come a long way, and now a new player in the market has emerged: is a series of commissioned art works that … Continued

Meet George Michalopoulos

TitleCrypto trader and portfolio manager Home/Office locationMiami Beach, Florida   Age38 Years trading15 How did you start trading?Originally during the tech stock boom in the early 2000s while still in high school, but professionallyat Citadel after graduating from university. (Citadel is a hedge fund and market maker). Favorite trading strategy for what you trade most?Gamma … Continued

Learning the Trade (Part 2)

Two Gen Z TikTok influencers are learning the fine art of trading stocks and options from a seasoned pro—and they’re doing it in real time on the tastytrade network In the April issue, Luckbox readers met Kayla Kilbride and Errol Coleman, the beneficiaries of mentoring by legendary trader Tom Sosnoff, co-CEO of the tastytrade financial … Continued

Meet Christopher Vecchio

Title Senior currency strategist, DailyFX Home/Office location Lower Manhattan & Westhampton, New York   Age 32 Years trading 17 How did you start trading? I was 14 years old and I wanted my first cell phone, so my mother told me that if I invested some money, I could earn it. She’s a trust and … Continued