How would you score on a cognitive ability test? Luckbox teamed up with JobTestPrep to share questions similar to those used on the iconic Wonderlic test.

The Wonderlic Contemporary Cognitive Ability Test doesn’t yield an IQ score, but the American Mensa version of the Wonderlic has been among the test batteries used most frequently to qualify for membership in the high-IQ society.

The test, introduced in 1936, assesses cognitive ability and problem-solving aptitude, and it’s used to evaluate potential employees’ abilities in a variety of industries—even the NFL Scouting Combine administers it.

The full version of the test comprises 50 questions, and test-takers have 12 minutes to answer as many correctly as possible. Although it’s not an IQ test, the average score on the Wonderlic is around 20-21 points, which is roughly equivalent to the average IQ score of 100.

Average scores for Wonderlic test-takers from a single industry paint a telling picture. Results collected in 1983, for example, showed median scores above 30 points for systems analysts, chemists and electrical engineers. The high 20s were home to engineers, programmers, accountants and executives. And the upper teens to low 20s is where cashiers, clerical workers and receptionists typically scored.

In its more than 80 years of use, the Wonderlic has become one of the most popular cognitive ability tests. It proved its entertainment value when several staff members of The Howard Stern Show took the test.

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