Tom Sosnoff’s Portfolio and Potential Trade Ideas

We asked Tom his current outlook on various markets right now, here’s what he had to say:

Short: Nasdaq-100, Chip stocks, Bonds

Neutral: Crude Oil, Nat Gas, Russell 2000

Long: China, IBM, ZM

Here are our thoughts on these markets:

Chip stock examples are AMD, MU, INTC or the Semiconductor ETF (SMH).

Bonds can be played with the 20+ year bond ETF (TLT). Or futures /ZN or /ZB—be careful with size.

Crude Oil can be played using the oil ETF (USO), or /SMO and /CL futures.

Natural Gas is /NG or the Natural Gas ETF (UNG). Careful with size.

Russell 2000 can be played with the futures (/RTY) or the ETF (IWM).

China can be played with the large caps (FXI) also ASHR or KWEB. Or individual stocks: BIDU, BABA, etc.

Alpha Boost To Replicate Tom’s Bias

We used the Alpha Boost trade generation system to find trades in the markets Tom discussed.

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Crypto Moves

All of these coins can be traded on tasytworks. Here are the price movements over various timeframes:

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