Futures sizes?

We got the hook up for you! Don’t trade without knowing the true size. That said, futures are extremely capital efficient.

Black Swan Black Fridays

Most traders anticipated last Friday would be a non-event given the holiday weekend and shortened market hours. However, the market surprised everyone and the S&P dropped 2.3%. We took a look at how this compared to prior Black Fridays. Last Friday’s move was the largest Black Friday move in recent history with the second largest drop seen in 2009. Additionally, Friday was the third largest down day of 2021 and one of the top days for volume in SPY (26th out of 230) … impressive for a half day!

December Moves

Tomorrow kicks off the first day of the last month of 2021. Here’s how the S&P 500 moved in previous Decembers, as well as the moves leading up to them.

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