Up-and-coming pop star Kenia Os’s show on March 15 at the House of Blues in Chicago, was anything but full of Malas Decisiones (translation: bad decisions), which is her hit that went viral on YouTube earlier this year.

The Mexican singer-songwriter started her career as a YouTube personality with over 7.22 million subscribers and over 282 million total views.

People showed up early to stake their first row spots in the standing-room-only venue. With only a drummer and electric guitar player, she rocked out for 30 minutes nonstop.

Kenia Os, Photo by Yesenia Duran

The crowd went wild as they chanted for her to come out 30 minutes before the show started, and almost everyone in the packed venue sang along to every word of the song:

I want to take a shot of your kisses so that I can remember the bad decisions and the ones to come

She started the show with energy that never seemed to wain, making use of the entire stage along with her four back-up dancers, who initially came out all dressed in white—which seemed like a homage to Rhianna’s back up dancers from her Super Bowl LVII performance in February.

In a sea of YouTube wannabes, she was anything but one, showcasing her soft and subtle voice. She gave a flawless performance, where she actually sang versus rapping or speak-singing her lyrics.

The show was full of poppy tunes and fun chores, especially in her song La Noche, where she and her dancers energetically hopped around the stage as one.

About 30 minutes into the show, she sang another one of her top hits Bonita and the audience roared. More fan favorites followed one after the other, including La invitación, which is about offering an invitation to someone to have her heart.

The highlight of the show came with Cócteles, which was a tune that follows in the steps of the recent chart-topping Flowers by Miley Cyrus and Shakira’s Pa Tipos Como Tú—two recent singles that throw shade at the singers’ exes.

In Cócteles, Kenia sings:

What you did to me no longer hurts / Because I’m going to trade in your lies for cocktails

After a brief one-song break she returned with a powerful three-ballad set where she started out sitting on the edge of the stage and displayed the range of her voice, offering a more melodic and emotion performance. 

Photo by Yesenia Duran

The show made use of colored lights that ran through the entire spectrum of the rainbow and the poppy, catchy tunes enveloped the venue.

Her covers included Selena’s Como la flor, making it her own by taking it down a notch with a softer approach. 

She wrapped up the show with a poppy medley of her most dance-beckoning tunes, which seems to be her signature sound. 

Photo by Yesenia Duran

Check out Kenia’s YouTube channel here, and keep up with her upcoming shows and music here.