Luckbox magazine earned one first place and two honorable mentions in the 2021 Folio Magazine Eddie and Ozzie Awards for editorial excellence presented Oct. 14 at a gala dinner in New York.

The magazine took the top prize in the category of Best Full (Instructional) Issue for the December 2020/January 2021 edition: The Art & Science of Forecasting. The prize-winning articles include a state-of-the-union examination of the prediction trade, a visit with the superforecasters at the Good Judgment Project, a post-mortem on the dismal results of recent political polls, a collection of Luckbox readers’ prognostications, a look back at how Luckbox’s past predictions have fared, and a raft of predictions for 2021. 

The July 2021 issue on Amazon’s Predatory Capitalism won an honorable mention for essays and criticism. 

The April 2021 issue on space exploration and extraterrestrial life called The Truth picked up an honorable mention for a series of articles.

This year’s awards keep Luckbox on the path of winning recognition with Folio Eddie awards. Last year, the magazine won two Eddies, one for best full issue with the How Not to Die, and another for best new magazine.

It all began In April 2019, when a staff of three core editors at the tastytrade financial network launched Luckbox, a 10-issue-per-year print publication with a clearly defined mission: To make readers more confident and competent in their investment, business and life decisions. 

Luckbox, the control freak’s guide to life, money and probability, is the essential publication for entrepreneurs, active investors, traders, side-hustlers, and risk-takers looking for more from their money as they pursue life, luxury and happiness. Each issue explores actionable insider investment ideas, as well as, trends in finance, music, fitness, gadgets, technology, wine, and spirits. 

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