What do you HATE about Luckbox

The publishing industry has been kind to Luckbox. In two years we have won 15 editorial & design awards (far more than our peers) and each month we add thousands of new subscribers! 

But we can still get letters like this one… “Wow…you’ve got to be kidding. An issue I won’t waste my time reading. When Luckbox is covering unique and intelligent topics it’s the best magazine on the planet. When it channels ‘Mother Jones’ it’s horrible. Pick up your game–you’re better than this.”
—James M. (full name withheld by editor) 

So, after two years and our latest issue taking a hard look at Amazon, we thought we should take a hard look at ourselves and you, while we are at it. Which means it is your chance to hold media accountable in the Luckbox Annual Reader Survey. We are awarding 25 Luckbox t-shirtsto random readers that complete the survey.

Take our survey—tee off here

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