Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and you might find yourself thinking, ‘What gift can I get my significant other to show them how much I love them?’

But studies show you might be doing it all wrong if gifts are the main things on your mind. According to a recent study done by the newsletter 1440, the majority of male respondents claimed their love language was physical touch, and female respondents were drawn to quality time – regardless of age, gender and political affiliation. 

Out of 3,600+ respondents, fewer than 4% of people said gift-giving was their form of love language. 

Here are the biggest takeaways from the survey: 

  • 58.6% of men say that their love language is physical touch
  • 32.1% of women say their primary love language is quality time, followed by physical touch (29.9%) 
  • 63.9% of all respondents claim their love language as either quality time or physical touch 
  • Respondents 34 and younger had quality time as their primary love language, whereas respondents 35+ said physical touch 
  • Across the board, Republicans (39.3%), Independents (37.2%), and Unaffiliated voters (33.7%) all said their love language was physical touch
  • 32.9% of Democrats said their love language is quality time

This Valentine’s Day, a movie night at home, sitting close on the couch might make the probability of making your partner happy even greater.