WealthCharts also features hundreds of indicators, a real-time institutional grade news feed, research, algorithmic trade finding scanners based on a user’s preference and education for investors worldwide provided by some of the top names in the investing space.

WealthCharts includes live streaming as well as pre-recorded education content from top market experts.

WealthCharts is an advanced web-based charting and analysis platform that is built for active investors and designed to solve the problems that modern traders face.

Retail traders and investors have more access to powerful market analysis tools than ever before, but those tools are often costly and difficult to use. To that end, traders often find themselves having to purchase access to several different platforms to bring together all of the latest research tools to make the most informed decisions.

WealthCharts set out to solve this issue by bringing those features together in one advanced browser-based platform to help everyday traders and investors by providing powerful automated analysis tools, easy-to-use charts and algorithmic trade identification features, according to Rob Hoffman, CEO and founder of WealthCharts.com and Wealth365.com. All these features are available in a single, affordable membership. 

WealthCharts also features hundreds of indicators, a real-time institutional grade news feed, research, algorithmic trade-finding scanners based on a user’s preference and education for investors worldwide provided by some of the top names in the investing space.

“In the simplest way possible, WealthCharts offers investors at-a-glance analysis, as well as best-in-class education and data resources,” Hoffman said. “I’ve been studying the markets for more that 25 years, and in that time, I have developed a strong understanding of what tools and resources can make a real difference to active traders and investors.”

That unique perspective is exactly what led the 30-time real-money trading champion to take the features he found most useful over the years and bring them together into one unified platform. 

“I will never go into another trading competition without being armed with WealthCharts,” Hoffman said. “Trading without it is like bringing a stick to a gunfight.”

That sentiment has been echoed by a number of WealthCharts members who have been able to cancel several other memberships and consolidate to a single platform.  According to Hoffman, WealthCharts users love the fact that they can turn on their computer, log in, and instantly see key trading opportunities laid out in front of them for their review. 

“We’ve designed WealthCharts features specifically to reduce the amount of time and headaches that go into researching and analyzing potential trades by streamlining the process via automated algorithmic tools like WealthFinder, the Options Hunter unusual options activity scanner, the in-house WealthCharts Research Team, and many more,” he said.

The Options Hunter feature rapidly identifies the most interesting Unusual Options Activity that traders and investors need to be aware of. 

Some of WealthCharts’ most popular features include:

1) Options Hunter: A deep inside look at Unusual Options Activity (UOA) that rapidly identifies the most notable and aggressive options trades for day traders and swing traders in their favorite stocks, so they always know exactly where the biggest insiders are placing their money. For serious options traders, this is an at-a-glance analysis and ranking of both the instruments and markets they are interested in.

2) Algo Hunter: Plug in the types of instruments you like to trade, such as stocks, options, futures, ETFs, forex or cryptocurrencies along with your favorite trading or investing timeframe, and the WealthCharts advanced algorithms will find the highest-rated trading opportunities to instantly show you the top 10 results that meet your criteria—saving you hours of research time.

3) Portfolio Analyzer: On-the-spot algorithmic analysis of a portfolio. Provides projected price action for multiple timeframes to better prepare members for the market moves that will have a big impact on their positions. 

4) WealthCharts Research Team: Curated trade ideas pulled by analysts from premium signals, such as Unusual Options Activity, to quickly focus traders into the most relevant ideas.

5) Scanners: WealthCharts features a number of proprietary scanners. These include the Wealth Strength Index (WSI) and WealthFinder, which uses actionable algorithmic trading intelligence to quickly identify higher-probability trade ideas. 

6) Pre-Market Prep Live Stream: WealthCharts features a morning live stream before market hours for active traders and investors that covers markets to watch and developing trends, as well as providing insight into daily market-moving events traders need to understand and how to best prepare for them. Members can also catch the latest insights from the market experts at tastytrade live within the WealthCharts platform. 

7) Advanced Brokerage Integrations: For those who trade stocks, options, futures, ETFs, forex or cryptocurrencies, WealthCharts has a number of integrated brokers, including premier brokers like tastyworks. This allows traders to access their live data through the advanced platform and then execute trades accordingly. 

8) Technical Tools and Analysis: WealthCharts partnered with top traders to offer their indicators directly on the platform. That’s more than 150+ indicators, many of which have been created by popular traders and investors in the industry. 

9) WealthChartsTV: More than $25,000 worth of beginner to advanced training content by market experts for traders and investors looking to build their skills as active traders and investors. The WealthCharts video library offers more than 700 video presentations from the Wealth365 Summit, the largest  online trading and investing summit in the world.

The Wealth Dashboard analyzes your portfolio, finds new opportunities, shares market experts’ top ideas, and highlights notable and unusual hidden options activity in the market.

WealthCharts has invested significant time into training and helping their members, with daily live stream support sessions in addition to the extensive video library of training materials. WealthCharts also fosters a strong community on the platform, with active traders and investors sharing their ideas in a professional format alongside leading market experts who share their charts and ideas about stocks, options, futures, ETFs, forex and cryptocurrencies.

“We’re packing in tens of thousands of dollars worth of research, education, strategies, indicators, scanners and alerts for only $197 per month,” Hoffman said. “We have a large team of developers, and we’ve added hundreds of new benefits, features and performance enhancements since launch. And this is only the beginning.”