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Before you go searching online for the meaning of our name. We’ll save you some time by providing a definition – you cannot believe everything you read on the Urban Dictionary website.

Anyway, gamblers and investors both refer to unskilled winners as luckboxes. Luckboxes don’t know how to wager or trade intelligently, but they come out on top through no fault of their own. Any dolt can become a luckbox occasionally.

But at luckbox magazine we believe you can do better than wait around for good fortune to strike. Work at it, and you can make your own good luck.

At first glance, luckbox looks like a monthly magazine for readers who want more from their lives, their money and their stuff. On one level that’s what luckbox is. But luckbox offers more than just lifestyle and how-to articles. It’s a tool that can change the way you think about the choices you make.  

what are the chances?

How?  We view the world through the lens of “probability.”

In just about every decision you make during your day and throughout your life, you use probabilities. Is it going to rain? Is it safe to cross the street? Should I eat this food? It’s a process based mainly on personal experience. But if you’ve stayed safe so far because of those everyday probabilities, why wouldn’t you use them for every other part of your life?  Especially your money?

Rather than relying upon “what ifs,” “might happens” or “hope this works,” luckbox quantifies probabilities. We put an actual number on it.  And while we can’t calculate the probability of absolutely everything you do (yet), we can quantify the probability of making money on investments.  Yes, we’ve figured out how to do that. So, between your experiences and our calculations, you can achieve the best outcomes with your money, and your life…without having to count solely upon luck. If you approach decisions that way – in a probabilistic way – you should achieve more, while reducing risk, learning to spot BS quickly and having a lot more fun.

an exclusive club

Now, this isn’t for everybody.  We get that. Some people are happier not knowing the probability of rolling a seven, not knowing the probability of a favorite team winning the championship and not knowing how high the price of gasoline might climb this summer.  But that’s OK. It’s a discriminating club of people that 1) find this interesting, 2) find this useful and 3) are willing to spend time figuring it out.

luckbox isn’t a mass market publication. Not everyone is willing to invest the time necessary to prepare for opportunity. But when an investor takes control of his or her money, and makes his or her own decisions about it, that’s good for everyone involved.  

luckbox will show you how.

Tom Preston
Features Editor

Jeff Joseph
Editorial Director

We welcome your feedback! Please send us your comments on specific stories and content that appears in luckbox, your suggestions, and your criticisms to feedback@luckboxmagazine.com

thinking inside

luckbox is dedicated to helping hard-working, proactive readers achieve results just as positive as the good fortune that befalls talentless, lazy luckboxes whose outlier outcomes outstrip their skills. how? it’s all here in the luckbox manifesto.

  1. tune out the noise and false prophets in the investment world
  2. understanding probability is the key to improving outcomes in the markets and in life
  3. stock-picking is a low-probability investment strategy
  4. hot investment themes, sectors and stocks matter only because they tend to produce greater volatility
  5. greater volatility = greater opportunity
  6. options are the best vehicle to manage market risk & exploit market volatility
  7. whatever you’re doing with your money now — you can do better
  8. luckbox can help you do better — much better
  9. learn your options — luck smiles upon the prepared
  10. so, get off your ath, let’s do some math!