Liquid Assets

Gin is a Trending Tonic
The botanical-forward booze once known for its medicinal benefitshas been the fastest growing spirit for at-home consumption sincethe beginning of the pandemic For centuries, gin…

The Normal Deviate

Probability Matters
Get serious about investing by attaching a numerical probability to every trade It’s fun to speculate about cultural, political or economic events that might happen…

The Last Picture

YouTube’s Beast Mode Jimmy Donaldson, better known to his 136 million YouTube subscribers as MrBeast, became the medium’s all-time top earner when he raked in…

Game Theory

In the News

Fake Financial News

Wait, the President Said What?
From porn to propaganda, artificial intelligence is making it harder to distinguish between the real and unreal  Imagine you’re an acclaimed author of sultry adult…


In the News

The Technician

Artificial Intelligence Reveals Itself
Readers who’ve immersed themselves in recent news stories about ChatGPT may guess the end of this article. Others might not.  Artificial intelligence (AI) is a…


The Dollar, Boomers & AI Stocks
A shortage of workers is boosting wages, but AI may soon help the economy do more with less Wages are on the rise. Even after…

Do Diligence

Adding AI to Your Portfolio
Separate truth from fiction in the hype surrounding artificial-intelligence stocks, and remain mindful of exposure Investors who’ve been around the block—and their younger proteges who’ve…


Cherry Picks

Fundamental Intelligence
Getting smart about these AI stocks begins with an understanding of the basics       Be smart picking stocks in the artificial intelligence sector by…
Good Trade Management Pays For Itself
New tastytrade research shows how the implementation of a disciplined trade management approach can help traders avoid outsized losses—especially during severe bouts of market volatility
Hype and Skew
Hyped-up stocks can have unusual option pricing with atypical option skew  Look at prices of the Nasdaq ETF (QQQ) out-of-the-money (OTM) strikes for the April…
The Wisdom of Crowds
To predict next year’s stock prices, look where investors are putting their money New variants of COVID-19 might drive stock prices lower, or President Joe…
Smart Inflation Hedges
Looking to take the sting out of an investment’s shrinking value? Ethereum and bitcoin have been anything but stable. Think gold.  Is cryptocurrency the new…