Steel Shots in the Trade War
When President Donald Trump first levied tariffs on steel imports (to the tune of 25%) in March 2018, it’s doubtful his intent was to reduce…

The Normal Deviate

Sports Wagering on the Money Line
Exploring the probability of just about anything Exchange-traded option markets enable investors to play the role of a casino, taking the high-probability-of-winning side of a…

The Poker Trade

Four Tips to Winning Poker
Players have a choice: Constantly hone their tactics or plunge into an abyss of losses  Poker’s a tough game, and players who aren’t constantly improving…

Liquid Assets

Heavy-Metal Whiskey
Metallica’s new Blackened American Whiskey strikes many chords, but is it worthy?

Record High

Greta’s Guitars
Sam and Jake Kiszka, two of GVF’s three brothers set aside time with luckbox to discuss music, fame and influences. Sam plays bass and keyboards…

Luckbox of the Month

Game Theory

Esports Sensei
Move over math and science: tutors are teaching electronic gaming and making a living at it The American education system has become an arms race…


Light this Candle

The Technician

Macro View

Do Diligence

Stocking up on Gaming Stocks
K, put down the game controller and back away slowly. Now, move to the trading platform and load some of the symbols in this article.…


Metals Detector
A savvy futures trader’s take on the markets How about this for a new idea: The Beach Exchange. It’s based on the treasure hunters who…

Cherry Picks

Theta: Money for Nothing
Ready to make a profit just by letting time pass? With “theta,” it’s a distinct possibility magine making money just by letting time go by.…
The Power of Diversification
Stock prices don’t all move in the same direction at the same time, so diversifying a portfolio helps control risk
Going Long
You are bullish on a stock or sector. You see upside ahead. It’s important to understand the probabilities, risks, and costs of the various options.
Butterfly Spreads: Watch & Learn
While luckbox magazine’s Financial Fitness columnist Dr. Jim Schultz has been known to tear up the occasional phone book as a part of his body-building…
Pairs Trading
Buying one index and selling another carries less risk than just buying or selling one index position outright Turn on CNBC, Bloomberg, tastytrade or any…
Rolling Options
When trading options, one of the most critical elements of consideration is time. The reason is that options have finite lives and definitive dates of…
No-Choke Collars
Instead of purchasing puts to protect a portfolio, consider the zero-cost collar  Some think of investing as a noble calling. It provides an opportunity to…