Trading and Decision-Making
What do philosophers and world leaders know about trading? More than you think, according to this active tastytrader. The internet provides instantaneous access to an…
Trading Inflation Expectations
Spiking inflation has been a hot-button topic in 2021, but U.S. Treasury yields have actually declined in recent weeks, suggesting there may be more to…

Liquid Assets

Outer Spirits
A stellar space race for potables is underway While the billionaire bosses of Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic and SpaceX battle for space tourism bragging rights,…

The Normal Deviate

Amazon Primed
Public enemy No. 1, or Wall Street hero? Either way, odds say Amazon will dominate competitors for a long time to come. Consider the great…

The Prediction Trade

Business Forecasting Models
Combining related forecasting questions into clusters can reveal bigger-picture insights for businesses and industries Forecasting is an essential part of business. Companies use historical data…

Arts & Media

The Luckbox Bookshelf
How to Resist Amazonand Why: The Fight for Local Economics, Data Privacy, Fair Labor, Independent Bookstores and a People-Powered Future!  by Danny Caine Danny Caine,…

The Last Picture

The LAST Picture
The Future of Antitrust Progressive trustbuster Lina Khan, shown here testifying in April on Capitol Hill, was seemingly poised for Senate confirmation as head of…

In the News

Trading and Decision-Making (Part 2)
Brains over bots. If trading were filled with “certainties,” a machine could do it, according to an active tastytrader. But it requires the human touch…


In the News

The Technician

The Changing Course of Amazon
The world of investing is fraught with uncertainty and disagreement, but one fact remains indisputable: Over the past 100 years, stocks in the United States…


US-China Trade Impacts Aussie Dollar
U.S. equity indexes have hit historic highs, but the price action included periods of drawdowns throughout last year. Some drawdowns were related to negative U.S.-China…

Do Diligence

Retail Bargain Hunting
When America was asked to stay home in 2020, Amazon (AMZN) was there to keep consumers stocked up, in shape and entertained with everything from…


Grain: The Next GameStop?
Even corn and soybeans are not immune to the perils of social media. According to online chatter, grain prices in 2022 will hit $18 to…

Cherry Picks

Diversification & Correlations
Diversification is spreading money across multiple assets as opposed to just 1 or 2 (i.e. “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”). So how…
YOLO Fever
Buy stock in multiple companies to increase the chance of picking a winner and lessen the pain of choosing a loser
Hedging Earnings Risk
Event risk spikes during earnings season, but investors and traders can utilize hedging to ensure that the risks are minimized.
Volatility Arbitrage
When VIX hits an extreme, options traders often seek to pair cheap and expensive volatility against each other using a strategy known as “volatility arbitrage.”
Breaking the Butterfly’s Wings
Transform a low-profit, low-risk trade into one with higher profit but higher risk The butterfly, a low-probability, low-risk options trading strategy, doesn’t maximize profit, but…
Calculating Correlation
Here’s how to compute the relationship between two stocks without having to leave home. Market correlation helps traders understand the relationship between two stocks or…