Tom Sosnoff: The Truth About the Debt Ceiling

As they explored its impact on the financial markets, Ratigan argued that America’s federal debt, unlike any other on the planet, can be monetized through quantitative easing. Sosnoff concurred and recommended seizing opportunities in small cap and banking stocks, long bonds and the Chinese tech market, which currently trades at a massive discount compared with U.S. tech valuations, … Continued

That’s A Thing…

Now that we’re a few weeks removed, I think we can say, well, that happened. Welcome to the world of that’s-a-thing-days. For the uninitiated, allow me to explain.  A that’s-a-thing-day is a day that begins much like any other day, but between the time you wake up and time you go to sleep, you find … Continued

Bad News Bulls

There are countless stories circulating about the recent rise in volatility being driven by retail traders buying call options. So the story goes, market makers selling those calls have to then hedge their positions by purchasing stock, hence driving stock prices higher. The logic appears fair enough. The problem comes in when these same stories … Continued