Om Alone

Combine the right equipment with the right vibe to create a rewarding home yoga practice  Setting up a yoga space at home offers the rewards of peace, exercise and harmony. It’s a way of making yoga part of your life in your own style. As many continue to shelter in place or begin to rejoin … Continued

Breathe Right

The proper breathing technique can calm the mind, relax the body improve decision-making The coronavirus turmoil isn’t conducive to staying mentally present, and the body responds negatively to the resulting stress, triggering the “fight-or-flight” response. It produces shock waves of epinephrine and other hormones that stimulate the production of inflammation through the system. Fight-or-flight reduces … Continued

Man Up to Yoga

The ancient but trendy practice isn’t just for women  Yoga, a system of movement, breathwork and mindfulness, offers countless benefits and has earned worldwide popularity. But yoga teachers find themselves repeatedly fielding the same question: “Why don’t more men take yoga classes?” A few men do practice yoga, but they’re a small minority in group … Continued