Put 2020 To Bed

Over time, a special kind of yoga can help relax the body and mind to promote a restful night’s repose The year 2020 has been one of the most surreal and stressful in recent history. Reality has shifted, and the resulting worries can hamper the ability to get restful sleep. But yoga has a deeply … Continued

The Antidote to Politics

Ease the anxiety of a fraught electoral season by striving to live in the moment and accepting others Americans tend to view the presidential elections as Democrats versus Republicans—or my team versus their team. With nearly everyone choosing sides, social and family connections are subject to stress when the inevitable question comes up: “Who are … Continued

Om Alone

Combine the right equipment with the right vibe to create a rewarding home yoga practice  Setting up a yoga space at home offers the rewards of peace, exercise and harmony. It’s a way of making yoga part of your life in your own style. As many continue to shelter in place or begin to rejoin … Continued

Breathe Right

The proper breathing technique can calm the mind, relax the body improve decision-making The coronavirus turmoil isn’t conducive to staying mentally present, and the body responds negatively to the resulting stress, triggering the “fight-or-flight” response. It produces shock waves of epinephrine and other hormones that stimulate the production of inflammation through the system. Fight-or-flight reduces … Continued

Man Up to Yoga

The ancient but trendy practice isn’t just for women  Yoga, a system of movement, breathwork and mindfulness, offers countless benefits and has earned worldwide popularity. But yoga teachers find themselves repeatedly fielding the same question: “Why don’t more men take yoga classes?” A few men do practice yoga, but they’re a small minority in group … Continued