The Bug’s Bus is Buzzing Back

The look of an automobile icon—VW’s T1 Microbus—returns in the era of electric mobility For more than 70 years, the Volkswagen Bus has been an automotive icon. A trendsetting choice for American hippies and road-trippers, VW helped define van life. Rumors the popular bus would make a comeback floated 20 years ago, and now VW … Continued

Traders, Speculators & Gamblers: Season 3 Is Here!

The Prediction Trade returned this week, kicking off its third season with trade ideas in PredictIt’s Brazilian election markets, bets on the NCAA March Madness tournament and forecasts for Kalshi’s 2022 Academy Awards markets. The show evolved for its new season to include a video format, and Luckbox magazine editor at large Garrett Baldwin was … Continued

The Luckbox Bookshelf

New and not-so-new books that captured our attention this month Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism By Amanda Montell It might seem that Heaven’s Gate, a religious movement of the late ‘70s, doesn’t have much in common with Peloton leaderboards, but Amanda Montell sees the connection. Both arise from America’s all-out obsession with cults, she maintains. Backed … Continued

Be the House

It’s common knowledge that casino games favor the house. A new book teaches active investors how to be the house by trading options, and betting small and often, to shift the odds to the trader’s advantage. Table games at a casino typically have maximum bet sizes.  By capping bet sizes, the casino aims to increase … Continued

Prime Gets More Pricey as Amazon Reports Record Revenues

Amazon shares closed up 13.5% Friday despite news that Prime membership costs will increase for the first time since 2018. If there’s one word to describe the buzz about Amazon today, it’s “up.” Reported revenues? Up. Stock price? Up. Prime membership costs? Going up. Diving into the numbers, the e-commerce titan’s stock price soared over … Continued

Luckbox Leans in with Phil Tetlock

Philip Tetlock, a professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, has helped a generation of forecasters hone their prediction skills. At the university’s Good Judgment Project, Tetlock worked alongside his wife and research partner Barbara Mellers to form a team of forecasters so accurate that they outperformed intelligence analysts who had access … Continued


The Luckbox editorial team uses polls to gauge reader sentiment ahead of every issue. This time, the editors posed the same questions to a panel of financial experts. Here’s how the results compare.  What will the March Consumer Price Index (to be released mid-April) look like?3%-4% Chris Beauchamp: Pricing pressures are likely to moderate as … Continued

High Art

Everydays—The First 5000 Days, a JPG file created by the digital artist known as Beeple, sold a year ago at an online Christie’s auction for $69.3 million. The price set a record for an artwork that exists only digitally as a non-fungible token (NFT). That’s a lot of money but far short of the value … Continued

Luckbox Sold an NFT

Proceeds from the NFT charity auction, which ended on Veterans Day, went to coding bootcamp for veterans Code Platoon. The Luckbox team in August announced the creation of an NFT charity auction as part of its cryptocurrency-themed issue coverage. Three months and more than 10 bids later and the auction officially ended.  Longtime tastytrader Kartik … Continued

UP NEXT: The Issue with Inflation

On November 30th, Luckbox will release it next issue. The following is a sneak preview. To make sure The Issue with Inflation is in your inbox, subscribe for free here. When it became apparent last month that inflation had reached 6.2%—the highest it’s been in 31 years—even the optimists began backing away from the idea that pandemic-related … Continued