Cuomo Will Be Reelected, Scaramucci Says

Sexual misconduct allegations might not be enough to stop the New York governor from securing a fourth term. Despite numerous sexual misconduct allegations and a deluge of calls for his resignation, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo will not only survive his third term but also win a fourth, says former White House Director of Communications … Continued

TPT Is Back!

“The Political Trade” podcast is now “The Prediction Trade,” and there’s a lot more than just political betting on the horizon Luckbox magazine’s political prediction market podcast, The Political Trade, is no longer solely focused on political betting. Under the banner of the PodcastOne podcasting network, the newly rebranded show—now called The Prediction Trade—will venture … Continued

The Luckbox Bookshelf

Exploring space without leaving home  Far too often, book reviews drive away readers. But reviews present just one stranger’s view, and taking them to heart leaves great books undiscovered. The Luckbox Bookshelf offers profiles instead of reviews. Don’t look to these pages for opinions. Think of Bookshelf as a place to discover books that educate, … Continued

The Last Picture

Brain Matters Our brains contain roughly 86 billion brain cells • In general, men’s brains are 10% bigger than women’s. However, the hippocampus, the part of the brain most strongly linked with memory, is typically larger in women • Your brain’s storage capacity is considered virtually unlimited. It doesn’t get “used up” like RAM in … Continued

Your Brain on Speed

How would you score on a cognitive ability test? Luckbox teamed up with JobTestPrep to share questions similar to those used on the iconic Wonderlic test. The Wonderlic Contemporary Cognitive Ability Test doesn’t yield an IQ score, but the American Mensa version of the Wonderlic has been among the test batteries used most frequently to … Continued

High IQ Outcomes

The human race is pretty smart. We’ve come up with nuclear fission, space travel and a quick vaccine for Covid-19. But what else can we say about the smartest people? Can the IQ of a Nation Predict Economic Results? Yes. The average IQ of a country’s citizens correlates with the strength of its economy and … Continued

Wait, What? There’s Still More Voting to Do?

Balloting for the Best Political Cover Contest has begun on Facebook, and your vote can help Luckbox beat The New York Times and Wall Street Journal If you liked the cover of the November Luckbox special election issue please give it your (thumbs up) vote here. Your vote may help us defeat tough competition for … Continued

WealthCharts breaks out with new, advanced features

WealthCharts also features hundreds of indicators, a real-time institutional grade news feed, research, algorithmic trade finding scanners based on a user’s preference and education for investors worldwide provided by some of the top names in the investing space. WealthCharts is an advanced web-based charting and analysis platform that is built for active investors and designed … Continued

The Last Picture

Lucky Man No, this isn’t an aerial view of a frenzied futures trading pit. These men dressed in loincloths are preparng to snatch a wooden stick called a “shingi” after it’s tossed by a priest during the annual “Naked Festival” at Saidaiji Temple in Okayama, Japan.  Whoever grabs the wooden stick is considered the luckiest … Continued

These Spirits Are in Your Future

The recently launched Whiskey and Barrel Consumer Choice Awards are based on how people actually buy spirits: price The Price of Perfection There’s almost nothing Luckbox loves more than game-changing outliers and great whiskey, and the first-ever Whiskey and Barrel Consumer Choice Awards was the perfect marriage of the two.  The debut of this competition … Continued