Holiday Gift Guide

The very best in tech, gear, games, cigars, books, barware and booze to treat yourself or gift your friends.

It’s Time!

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE The very best in tech, gear, games, cigars, books, barware and booze to treat yourself or gift your friends Photography by Garrett Roodbergen Meticulously restored antique pocketwatch movements Americans bought more than 35 million smartwatches last year, but Luckbox remains partial to old-school timepieces. For our money, nobody does analog quite like … Continued

Picture Tomorrow

What will everyday life look like in five, 10 or 25 years?  Writer and filmmaker Luke Kingma of Futurism Studios (owned by renowned futurist Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity University) teamed up with multimedia artist Lou Patrick Mackay to illustrate their irreverent vision of the future in the recently released Futurism: Cartoons from Tomorrow: A Futuristic Comic … Continued

50 Years to Run for Cover

Not every luckbox reader will live to see the year 2069, so here’s a preview To mark the recent opening of the Samsung destination store in London, the electronics maker asked futurists and academics to share their predictions for the next 50 years. The responses—compiled in the report Samsung KX50: The Future In Focus—are excerpted … Continued

Facing Intel Inequality

Coding and STEM skills aren’t enough to keep humans relevant in the Age of Artificial Intelligence  Swedish-Australian futurist and innovation strategist Anders Sörman-Nilsson averages 240 travel days a year. He traverses the globe to advise major companies, deliver speeches and share his thoughts on the future. Organizers of the G20 Summit sought Sörman-Nilsson as a … Continued

Something Small Is About to Happen

Don Roberts, president and CEO of the Small Exchange, has big plans to make futures small Readers tell luckbox that many active stock and options traders don’t trade futures. Why not? Three obstacles have prevented retail investors and traders from adopting futures. Futures contracts aren’t easy to understand because each contract has its own tick … Continued

Tales from the Pits

Former floor traders recall their favorite moments from Chicago’s trading floors From the first moment I saw the trading floor, I knew I had to be on it. And in the late 1990s, Chicago trading floors were the most important pieces of real estate in the country. Every economic statistic, political development and international incident … Continued

Burning Man

A former floor trader shares sights—and insights—from his 15th visit to The Playa By Alan Matthew Burning Man, which bills itself as “the place to find out who you are and then take it a step further,” showcases human ingenuity and inspiration for nine days each year.Thousands of volunteers fuel “The Burn” by building and … Continued

WeWork’s Neumanns Still Have Each Other

Former WeWork CEO Adam Neumann and his wife, Rebekah Paltrow Neumann, may not seem like luckboxes at first glance. It wasn’t long ago that they were sitting atop the throne of what was supposed to be the United States’ most valuable tech startup with a $47 billion valuation and plans to go public. But everything … Continued