A Lot to Think About

What’s the number of the parking place with the question mark? The image above went viral on social media last year because so many people couldn’t figure it out. But the riddle is straightforward: What’s the number of the parking space? That may sound simple, but the question stumped almost everyone who’s considered it, including … Continued

Should the U.S. Ban TikTok?

Open to Debate (formerly Intelligence Squared U.S.) pits some of the world’s brightest thinkers against each other in debates organized in the traditional Oxford style. The side that convinces more audience members to embrace its arguments wins. The excerpts below come from a debate in March and have been edited for brevity. FOR There are … Continued


YouTube’s Beast Mode Jimmy Donaldson, better known to his 136 million YouTube subscribers as MrBeast, became the medium’s all-time top earner when he raked in $54 million in 2021. The 23-year-old attracted more than 376 million views to his most popular video and more than 10 billion views across all his channels. MrBeast got his … Continued

AI Arrives

Artificial intelligence seems certain to steal millions of jobs in the coming months and could one day dominate the humans that created it. That’s a lot to contemplate, but we’re diving right into it in this Luckbox special section on AI. We begin with a timeline tracing AI’s century-long progression toward the singularity—the point where … Continued