Scaramucci on the Pandemic, Politics and Profitable Predictions

Former White House Director of Communications Anthony Scaramucci wrote in a CNN Business Perspectives piece last week that the U.S. government needed to think bigger about its stimulus response to Covid-19 “or else it risks another Great Depression.” Scaramucci, the founder and managing partner of investment management firm SkyBridge Capital, outlined steps such as backstopping … Continued

Tracking the Darknet

Are the cops closing in on the criminals who run darknet marketplaces? Luckbox asks the contributors to this issue Law enforcement agencies are becoming better at tracking down darknet marketeers and closing darknet markets. How are the darknet markets responding? Eileen Ormsby: The evolution has been interesting. Back in 2012, a highly confidential police memo … Continued

Taxing the Trade

An advocate and an opponent each have their say about a proposed financial transaction tax Candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination support a financial transaction tax (FTT). The levy on transactions of publicly traded securities would offer a progressive means of raising tax revenue and increasing market efficiency, proponents say. Advocacy groups representing individual and … Continued

When Beer Goes Viral

National Beer Day made this issue’s calendar, so why not celebrate by ordering an ice-cold Corona with a wedge of lime when April 7 rolls around?  If that sounds like a refreshing idea, odds are you aren’t among the 38% of beer-drinking Americans who supposedly told pollsters they wouldn’t buy Corona under any circumstances in … Continued

Crypto Crime

Illicit marketplaces hidden in the darknet are anything but dead—in fact, they’re thriving Crypto crimes and online drug markets have disappeared from the headlines but haven’t disappeared from the darknet. Darknet market activity was more pronounced last year than ever before, according to a report by blockchain analysis company Chainalysis Click here to read the … Continued

Rolex Roadshow

Maybe anyone who waits long enough could wind up Luckbox of the Month. Take the case of a guy known to the media only as “David,” who waited nearly half a century for good fortune to find him. David bought a Rolex watch for $345.97 in 1974, and it recently appraised on PBS’s Antiques Roadshow … Continued

The CCP Threat

Will the Free World awaken to the menace of China? Luckbox asks a group of experts in this special roundtable.  The United States and other Western democracies have stood by passively as the Chinese Communist Party polishes and shares the instruments of authoritarianism. The party relies on surveillance, censorship and propaganda to control the populace—often … Continued

Trading China’s Coronavirus (Part 7)

China is Taking a Beating, Economists and Prediction Markets Agree News regarding the coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China, (now called “COVID-19” by the World Health Organization) continues to top headlines across the globe, the latest of which focus on the epidemic’s effects on China’s economic growth. The disease, which has claimed the lives of … Continued

A New Podcast for Gambling on Politics

Inspired by the tastytrade financial network’s comprehensive daily coverage of stocks, options and futures markets, Luckbox launched The Political Trade, a weekly podcast devoted to the growing universe of prediction market traders. Each episode of The Political Trade, available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play and YouTube, features elite prediction market traders and political insiders offering actionable … Continued

Flash Crash: Culprit or Casualty?

On May 6, 2010 the Dow collapsed 9% only to recover a large portion of the loss almost instantly. The whole move only took about 36 minutes, and is known as the “Flash Crash.” No one quite understood the reasons behind the move when it occurred, but eventually the regulators found a culprit. The U.S. … Continued