AI & The Next Economy

Artificial intelligence can spawn efficiency that will bring down wages and prices, but expect a bumpy ride Artificial intelligence is boosting the global economy’s efficiency, profitability and productivity, but it’s also exacting a price. It could replace 85 million workers globally by 2025, the World Economic Forum (WEF) projects. Yet the vast displacement won’t hit … Continued

Betting on Biotech

Active investors can navigate the boom or bust biotech sector with the help of strategies like C-suite buying, cash to value and cash flow  Sick people need medicine no matter how the economy is faring, which keeps pharmaceutical stocks defensive and makes them likely to outperform in this year’s shaky financial scene. Besides, the sector … Continued

2023: Expect A Trader’s Market

Chaos will roil the economy this year, but the Federal Reserve is creating market opportunities for active investors Keeping active doesn’t just improve your health. It also bolsters financial well-being. But it hasn’t always been that way. For years, the debate over active and passive investing has favored the latter. Capital has swung toward exchange-traded … Continued

Predictions for 2023

After learning to live with the totally unexpected in 2022,  Luckbox Magazine makes its annual outlier forecasts for another wild ride FINANCIAL MARKETS AND THE ECONOMY Janet Yellen steps down as treasury secretary as inflation remains stubbornly elevated. Concerns arise that the Federal Reserve may need to tolerate 4% to 5% inflation in the coming … Continued

The Epic Saga of FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried

How It Started, How It’s Going… FTX was the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency exchange.   On Nov. 11, FTX – valued at $32 billion – filed for bankruptcy.   It had an $8 billion hole in its balance sheet.  For anyone watching this – its demise was the only thing more shocking than its ascension.   FTX came out … Continued

Modern Monetary Monopoly

The media plays along while the Federal Reserve USES its power to benefit the rich at the expense of average citizens. The Federal Reserve dictates to the markets and the economy at its whim, but not many Americans understand its monetary game. Since 1977, the Fed has had a dual mandate to manage prices (inflation) … Continued

Luckbox Leans in with Christopher Leonard…on the Lords of Easy Money

Here’s how the Federal Reserve tames journalists, underestimates inflationary pressures and creates money out of thin air Investigative reporter Christopher Leonard wrote The Meat Racket and Kochland before turning his attention to the Federal Reserve System in his 2022 book, The Lords of Easy Money: How the Federal Reserve Broke the American Economy. Financial journalist … Continued

The Fed’s High-wire Act

A soft landing for both the economy and the strong dollar seems like a fantasy in these uncertain times. That’s why investors should look back to the 1970s for ideas on how to proceed. Consider the following: Andrew Brigden, chief economist at Fathom Consulting, found that 469 international economic downturns occurred between 1988 and 2020. … Continued

Warning: A College Degree May Be Hazardous to Your Financial Health

Let the buyer beware when the product is a college degree. Even the most prestigious institutions are offering credentials that will never pay for themselves. Gender studies majors: Caveat emptor. Dartmouth College, the No. 13-ranked national university by U.S. News & World Report, announced a seismic shift in tuition in June 2022. The school eliminated … Continued

99 Economic Problems, but a Housing Meltdown Ain’t One

Don’t look for high housing prices to tumble anytime soon. It’s not a bubble. The average price of single-family homes has increased for 40 consecutive quarters, and the Federal Reserve is hiking interest rates to curb inflation. It’s a combination that many fear will lead to a housing crisis. “Another housing bubble?” asks Fortune magazine.“We’re … Continued