Gambling Media

Partnerships between sports-betting operators and media companies that cover sports betting are creating a full-blown investment sector with loads of opportunity Companies that take bets on sporting events are cementing alliances with like-minded media outlets, and investors should take notice. Sports wagering companies haven’t just entered the mainstream, they’ve entered the mainstream media. The goal: … Continued

Amazon Primeval

As the company extends its reach into nearly every aspect of American life, it’s trying to shift the conversation away from antitrust For years, Amazon hadn’t faced the antitrust scrutiny that plagued rivals like Apple and Alphabet. But now Jeff Bezos finds his firm at the center of an intense ideological battle over the role … Continued

Luckbox leans in with Lara O’Connor Hodgson

Lara O’Connor Hodgson is the President & CEO of NOW Corp, a company that aim to free small businesses from the burden of being a free bank to their customers.   Before co-founding the company, Lara launched Nourish, a manufacturer of patented, spill-free children’s water bottles. The company sold products in airports, hotels, entertainment venues and retail outlets, … Continued

SPAC Bubble Babble

Don’t worry about the market’s supposedly overheated penchant for SPACs. Worry about the armchair SPAC experts. And consider the risk-free WeWork trade. In August 2019, the news broke that one of the world’s hottest startups was planning its initial public offering. At first, hungry investors salivated at the prospect of biting into one of the … Continued

A Six-Pack with Mark Yusko

An institutional investor answers six questions on SPACs Mark Yusko founded Morgan Creek Capital and now serves as the firm’s CEO and chief investment officer. In February, the company teamed with Exos Financial to create the Morgan Creek-Exos SPAC Originated ETF (SPXZ). The ETF offers broad access to investing in blank check companies. To complement … Continued

The King of SPACs

Doug Ellenoff, the founder of one of America’s leading SPAC law firms, explains the wildly popular investment vehicle. To understand the substantial value of SPACs, or special-purpose acquisition companies, Luckbox ignored the noise and went straight to the source—the law firm of Ellenoff Grossman & Schole. For 25 years, the attorneys there have specialized in … Continued

Media Coverage of SPACs

Some financial journalists can’t be bothered with telling the true story of complex investment structures Print journalists and television talking heads seem plenty worried about SPACs, the special-purpose acquisition companies formed to acquire private companies and take them public.  They agonize over a perceived bubble and fret about valuations they deem too high. Have they … Continued