Predictions for 2024

Our respect for the science of forecasting doesn’t prohibit us from engaging in the fun (and folly) of prediction. While we can’t promise outcomes, we can confirm our convictions, prepare ourselves mentally and position ourselves financially.

Beyond Rational

Don’t bother pondering the faulty fundamentals of Beyond Meat.
Just watch out for short-sellers
and follow the money.

Three AI Stocks to Watch

As heavyweights Google and Microsoft duke it out over AI, upstarts like enjoy natural advantages Don’t always go with the big names. When it comes to investing in artificial intelligence, legacy players like Microsoft (MSFT) and Google’s parent company, Alphabet (GOOGL), might not offer the top returns because they devote only a small portion … Continued

AI & The Next Economy

Artificial intelligence can spawn efficiency that will bring down wages and prices, but expect a bumpy ride Artificial intelligence is boosting the global economy’s efficiency, profitability and productivity, but it’s also exacting a price. It could replace 85 million workers globally by 2025, the World Economic Forum (WEF) projects. Yet the vast displacement won’t hit … Continued

Betting on Biotech

Active investors can navigate the boom or bust biotech sector with the help of strategies like C-suite buying, cash to value and cash flow  Sick people need medicine no matter how the economy is faring, which keeps pharmaceutical stocks defensive and makes them likely to outperform in this year’s shaky financial scene. Besides, the sector … Continued

2023: Expect A Trader’s Market

Chaos will roil the economy this year, but the Federal Reserve is creating market opportunities for active investors Keeping active doesn’t just improve your health. It also bolsters financial well-being. But it hasn’t always been that way. For years, the debate over active and passive investing has favored the latter. Capital has swung toward exchange-traded … Continued