Garbage In Garbage Out

Good nutrition provides your body with the fuel to boost energy and promote efficiency   The computer era adage of “garbage in, garbage out” also holds true for the human body. Every single day, it needs adequate fuel to function.  That means constantly balancing the supply of nutrients with the demand of daily activities. In … Continued

Your 2022 Physique

Here’s what will determine how your physical presence will change as another year unfolds The two paths to fitness in 2022 couldn’t differ more. There’s the familiar sun-drenched path that’s littered with the footprints of heavy traffic, while the dimly lit unfamiliar path is overgrown with weeds from lack of use. You and you alone … Continued

Ice Ice Barrel

Find comfort in the uncomfortable by plunging into frigid water Turning the dial, I sent my body into shock and changed my life forever. My immersion in cold water and even colder air began in January 2016 when I moved to Chicago. That’s where I began taking ice-cold showers as part of the hustle and bustle … Continued

Losing the COVID 15

A fitness expert offers advice on losing those pandemic-induced pounds  Pre-COVID, you were cruising: Crushing personal records in the gym and keeping the physique lean and mean. But after a brand new virus, a few citywide lockdowns, and a lengthy quarantine or two, you’re still coasting along—just at about 108% of your former self. Maybe … Continued

Superhero Status

In the world of fitness, speed doesn’t kill, size does. Invincible. Unstoppable. Like Superman flying through through the night, lead arm extended, there is nothing quite like it. Nutrition is dialed in and training is rock solid. Whether the end goal is a little stronger, a little faster, a little leaner, or a little healthier, … Continued

Nutritious Meals and the Markets

Just as fitness devotees ponder the nuances of nutrition, investors consider the subtleties of trading        There’s more than one way to get downtown—the highway, side streets and back roads all lead there. Each has pros and cons, benefits and drawbacks, or gimmes and gotchas. Some are quick, others scenic. Where one zigs, the other zags. … Continued

The Inescapable Forces of Economics

Laws of physics apply to everything, from physique development to trading Sir Isaac Newton isn’t best-known for his rock-hard abs or unmatched prowess in the capital markets, but that’s not to say that what he is known for isn’t relevant to achieving both: specifically, his third law of motion. Essentially, for every action—or force—in nature, … Continued

Fit for COVID

The same qualities that compel the fitness-minded to work out can comfort and empower investors in bad times Just like that, gyms are closed, cardio classes are canceled and fitness enthusiasts everywhere have all been thrust into the throes of training at home. Hamstring slides with paper plates, Bulgarian split squats off the ottoman and … Continued

Hunger Games

Alternating rounds of starvation and gluttony won’t bring desired results So what’s the best way to diet in 2020? How about long stretches of extreme hunger followed by face-stuffing food comas that last a few short hours? It’s known as intermittent fasting (IF). IF has been christened the holy grail of fat loss and hailed … Continued

Sweet & Sour Secrets

Undergoing a radical physique transformation parallels the highs and lows of this dish Is there a better dish, a better flavor profile, than sweet and sour chicken? Wait—don’t bother answering that. It’s not open for debate. No, there is not. The sweetness from the sugar and the tartness from the rice vinegar live together in … Continued