What an incredible world! Anything you’d ever want to know about any subject is easily accessible within seconds in written, audio or video form—whatever you prefer.

And very soon, with the advent of AI, simply thinking about the information you’d like to access should be sufficient to bring it into your purview. 

Here are four YouTube channels that can serve as excellent resources in your quest to get leaner, stronger, fitter and healthier.  


@JeffNippard / 3.7 million subscribers 

Jeff Nippard

If you train more days than not and really get into it, you’re well on your way to 80% of the potential benefits. Nevertheless, some of us want to invest the time and effort for that last 20%.   

Jeff Nippard’s channel does an excellent job of showing how to set up your training and nutrition strategically—from proper technique and physical cues to macronutrient breakdowns.

But he also dives into the details to give you the why behind the what. 

Whether you want to know more about the moment arm on your dumbbell flys or the necessity of a caloric deficit for your fat-loss phase, this channel is for you. 


@PeterAttiaMD / 276,000 subscribers

Our fitness goals can change as we age.

In our youth, it’s about training to look good—health benefits and longevity are just a bonus. Later, those goals can flip.  

Peter Attia’s channel is focused on this change, making it invaluable for anyone with the invincibility of their 20s and 30s in the rearview mirror. 


@SquatUniversity / 1 million subscribers

Dr. Aaron Horschig

Eventually, you’re going to get banged up—it’s a cost of doing business on the rubber mats.

Nobody can train hard for months, years or decades without accumulating injuries or at least some nagging aches and pains. Most of those problems involve one of the four horsemen of the injury apocalypse: shoulder, knee, elbow, back.  

Dr. Aaron Horschig and Squat University do an incredible job of dealing with injuries around those joints and areas.

He offers clear and detailed tests to screen injuries to determine their root cause. Then, he follows up with strength and mobility drills you can begin doing right away to strengthen the injured area, ease the pain and get back into training. 


@Hubermanlab / 3.1 million subscribers

A collection of fitness-related content, the Huberman Lab podcast with Andrew Huberman, professor of neurobiology and ophthalmology at Stanford School of Medicine, focuses on science-based tools for everyday life.

But it’s more about neural circuits and less about your next squat session.

Providing insight into the benefits or drawbacks of everything from cold exposure to morning light, the HLP will help optimize your performance in all areas of life. 

Jim Schultz, Ph.D., a derivatives trader, fitness expert, owner of livefcubed.com and the daily host of From Theory to Practice on the tastylive network, was named North American Natural Bodybuilding Federation’s 2017 Novice Bodybuilding Champion. @jschultzf3