Vocation or Avocation?

Poker playing can work as a side hustle, but it can become a grind full-time The perfect side hustle combines profitability with fun and excitement. For anyone who’s good enough, that could mean poker. The probability of making money from playing poker part-time is excellent. But players need a willingness to devote significant time to … Continued

Psychic Poker Play

Players can predict an opponent’s range of possible hands by following a few simple tips World-class poker players often seem to “know” the hole cards their opponents are holding, almost as though they have psychic abilities. But they’re not blessed with some unnatural gift—they simply understand how hand ranges interact with certain players’ tendencies and … Continued

Russian Illusion

Rounders, the cult classic poker movie, has inspired a new generation of players to enter the world of poker and elevated Texas Hold’em to its status as poker’s most-popular game

Know Your Call Options

Recreational poker players often assume their goal is to patiently wait for a premium hand and then jam their money into the pot. However, that’s one of the worst mistakes a player can make. While getting money all-in with the best hand is important, by sitting around and waiting for a strong hand, a player … Continued