Playing Poker like a Robot

AI bets on a mixture of strong hands and weak hands and does the same when it checks. Poker star Jonathan Little says the best players try to replicate that approach. All games get tougher over time, and poker is no different. Back in the old days, all you had to do to win was … Continued

Play Poker Like a Robot

Bet or check with a mix of good and bad hands to keep opponents guessing Win at poker by learning to play more like a robot.  In other words, you can develop robust poker strategies by betting or checking on a mixture of strong hands and weak hands. That forces opponents to play a guessing … Continued

Poker Cash Game Cheat Sheet

This poker pro shares cash poker secrets and explains how to compete against four types of players What to Focus on During Each Hand of a Cash Game Your Play • Think about the action on every street of every hand before you act. • Don’t play the same generic style all the time. • … Continued

Rounders are Grinders

Don’t believe the hype! Casual players get the wrong impression that they need aggressive plays or gigantic folds. Televised poker tournaments show only the most interesting hands in a long final table or cash game session. Viewers rarely see the routine, mundane hands where someone steals the blinds or when someone raises, continuation bets on … Continued

Poker Tells 101

Keep your hole cards private by concealing your tells Poker becomes a lot simpler for players who can use tells to pinpoint the strength of an opponent’s hand. Tells can indicate when someone’s bluffing or how likely it is an opponent has a premium hand. A player who can read tells can fold bluff catchers … Continued

Bet Sizing & Implied Odds

The proper size of a bet is often determined by the potential payout When playing a hand of poker, consider the immediate risk, future potential risk and potential profit. Realize that some hands play better under certain situations. Sometimes it’s good to play speculative hands and other times it’s better to fold them.  Consider this … Continued

Take This Poker Quiz

Poker is a game of skill. Do you have what it takes? The deal: At a seven-handed final table with blinds at 100,000/200,000 and a 25,000 ante, you pick up A-K in the lojack (first-to-act) seat with a 24,000,000 stack.  Should you:FoldCallRaise to 500,000Raise to 700,000 Score:Fold (0 Points)Call (1)Raise to 500,000 (10)Raise to 700,000 … Continued

Essential Tips for Online Poker

COVID-19 has shuttered the casinos, so here’s what amateurs need to know to play online with the pros. The COVID-19 virus has wreaked havoc not only on the economy in general but also on the live poker arena. Essentially, all casinos have closed, forcing poker players to play online instead. Anyone new to online poker … Continued

Top 5 Mistakes Donkeys Make

Expert poker players refer to amateurs as “donkeys.” Here, a WSOP pro reveals the most frequent donkey mistakes. When amateurs sit down at the poker table, they tend to make five mistakes on a regular basis. Players who learn to avoid those errors see an immediate increase in their win rates. Overplaying marginal made hands … Continued