Bet or check with a mix of good and bad hands to keep opponents guessing

Win at poker by learning to play more like a robot. 

In other words, you can develop robust poker strategies by betting or checking on a mixture of strong hands and weak hands. That forces opponents to play a guessing game, and if you structure your ranges intelligently, you’ll be hard to beat.

It’s what the best AI programs and GTO (game theory optimal) solvers do, and it’s what the best poker players in the world try to replicate.  

Suppose when playing 40 big blinds (bb) deep you raise to 2bbs first to act at a 6-handed table with the GTO range of 2-2+ (“2-2+” means a pair of twos, or any higher pair), A-2s+, A-9o+, K-5s+, K-10o+, Q-8s+, Q-10o+,...

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