AI arrives as a 9-year-old child

Luckbox has been around only four years, but the editorial team and contributors draw upon decades of trading, financial and editorial experience to report on emerging investment and cultural trends. We’ve seen a lot—from the stock market bubble of the ‘80s to the dot-com bubble of the ‘90s and the housing bubble at the turn … Continued

Taking Stock in Big Pharma

Billionaire Mark Cuban wants to pull the pharmaceutical industry up by the roots and plant something new. In the next issue, Luckbox leans in with Cuban for details on how his new online marketplace called Cost Plus Drugs Company plans to offer prescription drugs at transparent prices lower than most retail pharmacies and even most … Continued

Are You Ready to Get Active?

History suggests the convergence of a recession (yes, we’re in one) and inflation (no, it’s not transitory) and Fed tightening (six hikes so far this year, 3.75% in all) typically results in higher volatility and directionless markets for the foreseeable future. That’s not optimal for passive investors. But the next Luckbox will provide some relief … Continued

The Last Picture

A Pretty Safe Prediction U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen isn’t the only one seemingly in the dark about inflation. The whole world’s wondering when the pain will end and what’s next. But intrepid prognosticators thrive on conquering uncertainty, and thus Luckbox is forging ahead with its annual report on forecasting. Look for it in combination … Continued

Politics, Policy, the Markets & the Midterms

As Americans prepare to cast their ballots in the midterm elections, the November issue of Luckbox digs into policy, politics and voting reforms. We’ll explore the ways open primaries give a stronger voice to the growing ranks of independent voters, encourage candidates to appeal to the entire electorate instead of a base of core partisans, … Continued

Outer Voices

There’s no shortage of books, documentaries and podcasts with outdoor themes. Here are some of Luckbox’s favorites.  FILM  The Last One Cartoon depictions of moonshiners often paint unflattering caricatures of drunken mountain dwellers wearing tattered clothes and evading the law. In reality, moonshining is a highly technical process with deep roots in tradition, and it’s … Continued

Retro Reboot

What’s with the nation’s ongoing fascination with the past? Americans tend to treat just about anything retro as an iconic piece of history worth remembering, exploring and embracing. They’re not content just learning the backstory—they want to become part of it. And the June issue of Luckbox can help. Expect a thorough examination of the … Continued