As Americans prepare to cast their ballots in the midterm elections, the November issue of Luckbox digs into policy, politics and voting reforms.

We’ll explore the ways open primaries give a stronger voice to the growing ranks of independent voters, encourage candidates to appeal to the entire electorate instead of a base of core partisans, and enable nearly everyone in the electorate to benefit from the public funds spent on primary elections.

The November Luckbox will also examine how the shift to ranked-choice voting can correct some of the ills that result from a primary with a large field of candidates. Without it, a candidate can win despite strong opposition from a majority of voters. Plus, if a voter’s first choice is eliminated, the second choice remains in the running and often has a chance of winning. Thus, the practice supports majority rule. Ranked choice also discourages ruthlessly negative campaigning because candidates shy away from alienating voters who might otherwise consider them as a second choice.

But Luckbox’s coverage won’t end at the ballot box. We’ll take the temperature of hotly contested races in the Senate and the House, take stock of the state of the 2024 presidential race in the prediction markets and reveal what the midterms mean for active investors.