Meet Me in the Bathroom

A new film documents the New York music scene of the early 2000s The documentary film Meet Me in the Bathroom, based on the 2017 book of the same name by journalist Lizzy Goodman, provides a snapshot of what’s known as the last great romantic age of rock ‘n’ roll. The story highlights the defining … Continued

Ticketmaster’s Bad Blood

Music fans are accusing the ticketing giant and its parent company,Live Nation Entertainment, of wielding dysfunctional monopoly control Frustrated concert-goers have formed a posse of “vigilantes” to rein in a ticketing platform they view as a malfunctioning monopoly. They’ve dubbed their group “Vigilante Legal,” even though it’s not a law firm and doesn’t offer legal … Continued

Get Used to High Used Car Prices

A shortage of second-hand vehicles is preventing prices from returning to pre-pandemic levels Today’s sky-high used car prices can’t last forever. Experts expect a reset—but at a level still painfully higher than before the pandemic. “There’s talk about prices declining,” confirms Charlie Chesbrough, senior economist at Cox Automotive, a company with multiple brands in the … Continued

2023 Grammy Predictions

It’s that time of year again when awards season rolls around. The 2023 Grammy Awards are slated to take place Feb. 5, and the official Grammy nominations have been announced. Last year, The Rockhound got four predictions right out of seven. Here are the projections for the 65th award ceremony.  BEST AMERICANA ALBUM Nominees:  In … Continued

Debunking The Music Algorithm

An anthropologist reveals how Spotify and other platforms decide what songs to recommend Nick Seaver was working on his Ph.D. in anthropology when he began looking for the algorithm underlying music recommender systems. After more than a decade of study and interviews, he says there’s no such thing.  Instead, there are many algorithms. “This was … Continued

Music in 2023

Revenue will keep increasing, long-established artists will continue to sell the rights to their catalogs and TikTok will operate even more like a record label.  The music industry changes every day—whether it’s an album release, worldwide tour announcement, company merger or the sale of music rights. Music platforms and businesses are volatile, and next year … Continued

The Ultimate Playlist: Your Musical Pay Day

A new mobile app offers users a chance to win cash every day by listening to new music A few years ago, Shevy Smith and Khalid Jones opened an artist development company in Los Angeles to work directly with musicians to release and promote their music. But they soon realized the barrier in music promotion. … Continued

Brandi: Best at Bourbon & Beyond

Singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile displays the heart of her music: community, vulnerability and love Brandi Carlile sauntered on stage at Bourbon & Beyond in an exuberantly colorful and wildly patterned outfit. A toothy smile was plastered across her face.  Carlile is not new to the industry. She’s released seven studio albums and has earned 18 Grammy … Continued