The Luckbox Bookshelf

How to Resist Amazonand Why: The Fight for Local Economics, Data Privacy, Fair Labor, Independent Bookstores and a People-Powered Future!  by Danny Caine Danny Caine, the author of poetry collections like CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST and El Dorado Freddy’s, owns the Raven Book Store in Lawrence, Kansas—but he’s also vocal in his opposition to Amazon. He gives … Continued

What Drives Us

After playing a show in London in the late 1960s, the Beatles were driving home during a frigid snowstorm when the windshield of their van shattered. To stay warm, the four of them laid on top of each other on the van’s bench seat. As each rotated to the top of the pile, he swallowed … Continued

Making a Buck in the Band

Music streaming gives artists exposure but not much else Music streaming gives relatively unknown artists a bigger microphone but a smaller paycheck. The mic’s larger in the sense that musicians reach a sizeable audience more quickly than ever before, but the resulting royalties won’t cover the bills unless a performer is approaching the popularity of … Continued

Activists Poke Amazon’s Shareholders

About 30 protesters came together May 25 in front of BlackRock, a financial investment company in Chicago, to encourage Amazon stockholders to vote against what the dissenters view as destructive Amazon business practices. Lining the sidewalk, they waved handmade signs that read “EyesOnAmazon” and chanted “Amazon’s a big polluter, do your part to save our … Continued