Zillow: Flippin’ Lucky Despite Prophetic Losses

illow Group Inc. (ZG), which has generated an unbroken series of annual losses since its initial public offering in 2011, has figured out how to lose even more money—a lot more money—and at the same time boost revenue and make its shares jump: house flipping. In its most recent quarterly earnings report, Zillow disclosed the … Continued

Robo Investors

Wolf Richter, a keen observer of the markets (see p. 30), recently noted the lift the broader U.S. equity market has enjoyed as the result of the record pace of equity buybacks. luckbox couldn’t help but note the beneficiaries: the robotic investors who buy and hold. Thus, that legion of human robots has collectively earned the title of luckbox of the month for June. They qualify for the dubious title because their investment outcomes have exceeded their skills…for now.