The Smartest Man in America?

Luckbox leans in with Chris Langan, a man with an estimated IQ score of 200, who breeds horses, ponders the nature of the universe and would never be confused with a rare and delicate hothouse orchid Some consider Christopher Langan the smartest person in America, but others go even further. They call him the smartest … Continued

Demystifying Mensa

Members of the best-known high-IQ society don’t just discuss Proust or quantum mechanics. They know other ways of having fun, too. The leaders of Mensa, a society that brings together extremely intelligent people, espouse some lofty goals for the organization. But in a lot of ways it’s really a social club. Just ask Stephanie and … Continued

Dismantle the Cult of Smart

Variations in IQ scores are one reason schools should stop trying to squeeze every student into the same academic mold  Fredrik deBoer, author of The Cult of Smart: How Our Broken Education System Perpetuates Social Injustice, believes IQ scores can say something significant. They’re one indicator that some students will never succeed in the classroom, … Continued

The Genius Guide to IQ

Scores on IQ tests can tell us a lot, but they can’t tell us everything Does IQ matter? Well, yes and no. High scores on intelligence-quotient tests often correlate with success. But psychologists agree that people amount to more than a single measurement of intellect can capture. The predictive power and limitations of IQ scores … Continued

Does IQ Matter?

Shrinks established a century ago that IQ tests can predict performance … but provocative interpretations of test results reinforced tragic misconceptions that persist to this day Although most Americans have never heard of Lewis Terman, they have unshakeable faith in many of his views on high intelligence and IQ scores. Yet, if they heard some … Continued

The Prediction Trade

Science with a touch of art has replaced mysticism as the preferred method of foretelling what lies ahead The word “Superforecasting” doesn’t carry any hidden meaning. “Super” means far above average, and “forecasting” is the act of making predictions. So, Superforecasters are simply much better than most people at calculating what lies ahead, whether the … Continued

The Superforecasters

How a college-based team of students, faculty and volunteers bested government intelligence community prognosticators and gave birth to Superforecasting A husband-and-wife team of scientists became giants in the field of forecasting by creating and overseeing the Good Judgment Project, a massive and lengthy academic inquiry into how to train predictors and improve their predictions. In the … Continued

An Election Up for Grabs?

Two methods of foretelling the outcome of presidential elections—both of them long-established and well-regarded—are coming up with different predictions this cycle. One favors Trump and the other picks Biden. Two scholars noted for their prowess at predicting the winners of presidential elections—including Donald Trump’s generally unanticipated Electoral College victory in 2016—are parting ways this year. … Continued

The Electoral College: A Relic of Our Republic

Some condemn the old-school institution as an undemocratic fossil, while others embrace it for the safeguards it provides Two of the last three presidents took office after losing the popular vote but winning in the Electoral College, a phenomenon that enraged Democrats but failed to pierce the complacency of Republicans. Members of both parties learned … Continued

Power-up Your Podcast

You can do this! A professional producer offers new and established podcasters as much or as little marketing and tech help as their budgets allow. Traci DeForge viewed the burgeoning podcast industry as an opportunity to combine two of her skills: business development and broadcast radio management. So, four years ago she started a business … Continued