The Future of Policing has Arrived

Predictive analytics warn of criminal activity from the streets to the boardroom Computers are predicting when and where crimes will occur—but don’t expect a real-life remake of the 2002 sci-fi film Minority Report. In other words, Tom Cruise won’t be swooping down in a futuristic bladeless helicopter to stop an aggrieved husband from plunging a … Continued

Are We Doing Voting Right?

Advocates argue that ranked choice balloting empowers voters, encourages candidates to moderate their views, discourages negative campaigning and strengthens third parties. Skeptics aren’t so sure. Ranked choice voting may seem mysterious to most Americans, but this relatively rare way of casting ballots has colored the results of recent elections from New York to Alaska and … Continued

Diamonds: The Newest Asset Class

A serial entrepreneur is working to transform one-of-a-kind gems into a tradable commodity Diamonds may be forever, but only a few of the biggest, most precious examples have been taken seriously as an investment vehicle. The problem’s been that each one is unique—they aren’t a tradable, undifferentiated commodity like oil, gold, corn or pork bellies. … Continued

Hire Education

Carving out a decent career doesn’t require spending four years and a king’s ransom in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree Career training has expanded so much lately that it’s creating alternatives to expensive four-year college degrees.  Fifty years ago, vocational-technical education primed high school students for jobs like meat cutting or auto mechanics—almost anything that … Continued

Liberal Arts: Prep school for Life

Don’t view the value of a liberal arts college education solely through an economic lens. This professor has the stats to support that idea.  It’s not so much what you study but how you study it that leads to financial success and personal fulfillment. That’s one of the big ideas that emerged from a study … Continued


The pandemic convinced homebound homeowners to extend their living space out onto the lawn

The New Look of Magazines

Publishers are determined to keep committing ink to paper Familiar magazines are moving online at a startling pace, but that doesn’t mean print publications will disappear from America’s nightstands, coffee tables or waiting rooms.  In fact, print is making something of a comeback on the strength of four trends: one-off editions, brand ownership, tightly focused … Continued

Better Than Fusion: Carbon Capture

Although far from perfect, modules that sequester CO2 could help limit climate change Nuclear fusion won’t produce usable power until at least the end of this century, long after unchecked climate change could wreak untold damage, according to L.J. Reinders, a European researcher, attorney and author. So, instead of chasing the pipe dream of fusion, … Continued

The March of Hype

As technology advances, each generation gets its own version of hyperbolic advertising, promotion and manipulation. That’s both good and bad.   Hype resides in the eye of the beholder. while some consider it exaggeration or even deception, others define it as anything that attracts the public’s attention. Viewed as the latter, hype can promote a … Continued


Luckbox examines data, trends, probabilities and human behavior to find better ways of handling our money and living our lives. It’s a process that requires the ability to distinguish between signals and noise. Signals are defined as useful, actionable messages based on verifiable facts. Anything inaccurate, incomplete or deceptive qualifies as noise. But lately, we’ve … Continued