Rising Prices, Declining Confidence

Uncertainty prevails as inflation unnerves consumers and perturbs economists  Prices are soaring and necessities are scarce as annual inflation of 6.8% grips the nation. While economists differ on how much of the blame to assign to monetary policy, labor shortages, supply-chain disruptions, working from home or the spread of the Delta variant, a consensus is … Continued

Duck Call

Despite a whimsical name, DuckDuckGo offers a serious privacy-oriented alternative to Google searches A google search for “luckbox” put a betting site at the top of the results and the magazine’s homepage in the No. 2 spot. A DuckDuckGo search reversed the order, placing the magazine first and the betting site second. That was good … Continued

The Struggle to Protect data privacy

In 1890, future U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis was so alarmed by the new Kodak portable camera that he co-wrote a Harvard Law Review article entitled “The Right to Privacy.” But if Brandeis were alive today, he’d have more to fret about than an unauthorized reproduction of hislikeness. There’s good reason to fear the … Continued

Data Privacy

Internet users casually offer up their valuable and sensitive personal data to any online entity that promises even a hint of convenience in exchange. Their carelessness is giving rise to theft, wasteful consumerism, political polarization and, ultimately, chaos. _ To assess the damages and search for antidotes, Luckbox constructed a panel discussion from the thoughts … Continued

The Future of the Future of Money

No one can see or touch cryptocurrency, but that’s not stopping it from entering the mainstream. It surpassed a market capitalization of $2.5 trillion this spring after beginning the year at less than $1 trillion. While it’s uncertain that cryptocurrency can maintain that blistering pace of expansion, continued growth seems assured, according to Sam Bankman-Fried, … Continued

Bitcoin Mining is Spewing Carbon

Producing bitcoins uses as much electricity as the nation of Argentina, but cardano is offering an alternative   An energy-efficient cryptocurrency called cardano could help dislodge bitcoin, a notorious electricity junkie, from its position as the world’s premier crypto. The shift in the market would be a meaningful step in the effort to curb the … Continued

Luckbox Leans in with Annie Duke

Annie Duke on trading, bet-sizing, prospect theory, outcome bias and quitting This conversation was edited lightly for style and brevity. You’ve pivoted from professional poker to teaching and giving talks on the behavioral psychology ofdecision-making. How did that shift occur? People have used that word “pivot” in relation to me quite a bit. I’m going … Continued


I’ve been to the table, and I’ve lost it all beforeI’m willin’ and able, always comin’ back for more …If I’m bettin’ on a loser, I’m gonna have a devil to payBut it’s the only game I know to play, it doesn’t matter anyway—A Good Run of Bad Luck, Clint Black (1993) Luckbox is devoting this issue to gambling, … Continued

Amazon’s Predatory Capitalism

Success has rewarded Jeff Bezos. Twenty-seven years ago, he was a Wall Street refugee peddling books online with the help of a $250,000 loan from his parents. These days, he’s preparing to set sail in a 417-foot schooner that set him back $500 million. His company posted revenue of $368 billion last year, an increase … Continued

Maximum Rage

Amazon workers aren’t as concerned about the minimum wage as they are about brutal working conditions Amazon employs blatant union-busting tactics to keep harried workers from organizing at its giant fulfillment centers, according to observers of recent events at the company’s facilities in Bessemer, Alabama, and Staten Island, New York. The result? Despite what many … Continued