The pandemic convinced homebound homeowners to extend their living space out onto the lawn

The New Look of Magazines

Publishers are determined to keep committing ink to paper Familiar magazines are moving online at a startling pace, but that doesn’t mean print publications will disappear from America’s nightstands, coffee tables or waiting rooms.  In fact, print is making something of a comeback on the strength of four trends: one-off editions, brand ownership, tightly focused … Continued

Better Than Fusion: Carbon Capture

Although far from perfect, modules that sequester CO2 could help limit climate change Nuclear fusion won’t produce usable power until at least the end of this century, long after unchecked climate change could wreak untold damage, according to L.J. Reinders, a European researcher, attorney and author. So, instead of chasing the pipe dream of fusion, … Continued

The March of Hype

As technology advances, each generation gets its own version of hyperbolic advertising, promotion and manipulation. That’s both good and bad.   Hype resides in the eye of the beholder. while some consider it exaggeration or even deception, others define it as anything that attracts the public’s attention. Viewed as the latter, hype can promote a … Continued


Luckbox examines data, trends, probabilities and human behavior to find better ways of handling our money and living our lives. It’s a process that requires the ability to distinguish between signals and noise. Signals are defined as useful, actionable messages based on verifiable facts. Anything inaccurate, incomplete or deceptive qualifies as noise. But lately, we’ve … Continued

Art, Design and the Golden Ratio

Here’s the case for basing art and architecture on numbers from the Fibonacci sequence—and the case against it The golden ratio has been capturing the imagination of scholars for more than 2,000 years. Countless mathematicians, physicists, botanists, chemists and psychologists have pondered its meaning. Painters, sculptors, architects, composers and poets have embraced it for the … Continued

Art, Design & the Shape of Things to Come

Like the stories that form this issue’s feature section, the illustration on the right represents a thematic mashup of the art market’s old guard and newest players: Grant Wood’s American Gothic meets the blinged-out billion-dollar NFT collection Bored Ape Yacht Club. But if there’s one thing art traditionalists and NFT enthusiasts have in common, it’s … Continued

The Shape of Things to Come

The journey of a noted designer-architect shows what may lie ahead for all of us CHICAGO-BASED JORDAN MOZER + ASSOCIATES LTD. BEGAN OFFERING AN UNUSUALLY BROAD RANGE OF INTEGRATED SERVICES IN 1984. With acclaimed designer and architect Jordan Mozer at the helm, the firm creates buildings and everything that goes into them. So, it’s not … Continued

Private Security

A veteran of the $48.1 billion industry tells what it’s like protecting the rich and famous Here’s how a rookie mistake provided the founding principles for a thriving business. Todd Sheets was working as a cop in a medium-sized city in 2008 when his part-time gig in private security took him to a beautiful hotel … Continued

Fibonacci’s Arithmetic Revolution

A series of numbers known as the Fibonacci sequence revolutionized commerce and science. But can it help traders pick the right stocks? A 13th-century Italian mathematician known these days as “Fibonacci” helped create the modern world of commerce and finance by introducing Hindu-Arabic numerals and mathematics to Western civilization. The decimal-based system he popularized in … Continued