Apple’s EV Advantage

As the company’s market cap was topping $3 trillion, the highest ever for a U.S. company, details emerged about its electric car Move over Tesla. Rumors of an Apple (AAPL) electric vehicle project had been swirling for quite a while when late last year, a Bloomberg story laid out some specifics about its planning and … Continued

Hikes at the European Central Bank

The reliably timid ECB is hinting at raises in interest rates Something shocking happened in early February—the European Central Bank opened the door to rate hikes later this year. For a central bank that hasn’t tightened policy since 2011, that came as a surprise. While the ECB represents the world’s largest economy, it’s also relatively … Continued

Yes, This is Stagflation

But it STILL MIGHT BE transitory Something new happened in the 1970s and it’s apparently coming back to haunt the nation again. It goes by the name “stagflation.” The word, a portmanteau of “stagnant” and “inflation,” stands for slow growth (stagnation) combined with high prices (inflation). It creates a host of problems for central banks: … Continued