Artificial Intelligence Reveals Itself

Readers who’ve immersed themselves in recent news stories about ChatGPT may guess the end of this article. Others might not.  Artificial intelligence (AI) is a rapidly growing field, and several companies and industries stand to benefit from its growth. Some of the stocks that are likely to benefit the most from growth in AI include … Continued

Big Pharma’s Big Gains

Given enough time, stock in pharmaceutical giants has yielded life-altering gains  Many investors will look back upon 2022 as a disaster.  It was the worst market for bonds in over a century, and even the largest and best-known tech stocks lost about one-third of their value—with a few losing virtually all their market cap. Value … Continued

Three Stocks Coming Up Short

Stocks are decoupling, and this troika of equities appears to be headed lower Of the many changes that shook the stock market in 2022, perhaps the biggest was that it was allowed to become a market again. It happened when the Federal Reserve stepped away from “accommodation”—the policy of keeping interest rates low to spur … Continued

What Lies Ahead for Stocks

This column’s predictions for stock prices in 2022 have proven painfully correct. Now, the Technician is watching crypto for signals on how equities will perform in 2023. The S&P 500 index reached its highest point in history on Jan. 4, 2022, the same day Luckbox published an article called Dark Days Ahead. The story concluded … Continued

Markets and Midterm Elections

Stock prices used to surge after off-year voting, but the Fed’s adjustments to the economy may have changed that A lot of investors are convinced that a four-year U.S. presidential cycle governs some of the ups and downs of stock and options prices. They say it happens because presidents institute market-friendly policies in the third … Continued

The Bitcoin Standard

Luckbox’s Technician columnist reviews a crypto classic that explores bitcoin’s libertarian underpinnings My story begins in the summer of 1993. We were renting an office for my 1-year-old company, and one of the guys called me over to his desk to show me something. He fired up something on his screen called a “browser,” which … Continued

Technical Analysis Makes the Grade

Are you inclined to question the merits of technical stock analysis? Then consider this history lesson. Early in 2021, Luckbox examined the charts of public companies in the education sector in an article called Seven Smart Stocks. Let’s look at how those stocks have fared  in the intervening 18 months and see what lessons investors … Continued

Cramer’s Comeuppance

A famous stock picker got almost everything wrong with a set of predictions Nearly two years ago, stock prognosticator Jim Cramer created a seminal video called The Magnificent Seven to showcase stocks he considered the superstarsof the COVID-19 pandemic. All had achieved cult status despite weak earnings. “What if earnings just don’t matter anymore?” Cramer … Continued

Sunshine Securities

Only 0.014% of the solar energy reaching Earth is converted into usable power. That leaves plenty of room for improvement, and companies are rushing to meet the challenge. Let’s examine the securities of five of those firms from a charting perspective. Ranking charts requires subjective judgment, but we’re presenting them in what we consider descending … Continued