Title Fight

Only a handful of companies dominate the real estate title insurance industry. They will need to evolve quickly to retain their reign in front of a fast-moving blockchain. Almost everyone has insurance of one kind or another. Depending on circumstances, someone might have life, fire, flood, earthquake, homeowner’s, renter’s or dental insurance—or any one of … Continued

Crypto Charts Really Well—Here’s What They Say

Traders have been charting the financial markets for hundreds of years, and by the late 1930s Robert D. Edwards and John McGee established modern methods of analyzing historical price data. Just about any financial market can be charted, whether it be commodities, equities, mutual funds or cryptocurrencies, but the charts are truly useful only when … Continued

Cryptocurrencies: Gambling or Investing?

Most people can’t help wanting to parlay a small investment into a windfall. So they buy real estate, procure precious metals, execute options trades or bet on horse races. At one extreme, they make reasoned, logical, fact-based investments. At the other extreme, they risk their bankrolls on reckless wagers with a good chance of failure … Continued

The Changing Course of Amazon

The world of investing is fraught with uncertainty and disagreement, but one fact remains indisputable: Over the past 100 years, stocks in the United States have generally gone up in price. Pick virtually any stock at random during any point in history, and in all likelihood 10 years later that stock would be higher in … Continued

SPACtacular Growth, Mixed Returns

The “blank check” companies known these days as SPACs, or special-purpose acquisition companies, have enjoyed an astonishing burst of popularity. Check out their growth below, as recorded by spacresearch.com. In other words, from 2014 to 2020, the funds that SPAC offerings raised increased nearly 50-fold. But spectacular growth has brought investors less-than-impressive results. Those who … Continued

Failure to Launch

It’s no secret that equity investors are always on the lookout for the “next big thing.” In years past, they’ve become fascinated with cannabis stocks, 3-D printing and the gig economy. Lately, thanks to the repeated pronouncements of a few astro-fixated billionaires, space exploration has been attracting a lot of attention, even though the sector … Continued

Seven Smart Stocks

Is Luckbox focuses on the measure of intelligence, let’s turn our attention toward the sector of the equity markets dedicated to education companies. Most well-known institutions of higher learning, such as Harvard, Stanford and MIT, are multi-billion-dollar entities but aren’t publicly held. In recent years, however—particularly with the surge in online learning—dozens of corporations focused … Continued

2021 Portends Some Trends to End

The markets—and the Federal Reserve’s efforts to move them—have been in persistently unprecedented territory for more than a dozen years. Looking forward to the new year, there’s no doubt the Fed will keep its hand in the financial markets. So, let’s divine the likely direction of some major asset classes. The nine charts that follow … Continued

The Stock Market is Apolitical

A casual observer might assume that who wins or loses the presidency would have a profound effect on both the economy and the stock market, but that’s not the case. History has shown presidents are the unwitting beneficiaries of economic good times (such as Bill Clinton in the 1990s) or unfortunate scapegoats during severe downturns (such … Continued

Don’t Touch That Dial

This year marks the 100th birthday of commercial radio. On Nov. 2, 1920, the first commercial station began broadcasting in Pittsburgh, and the next 20 years became known as the Golden Age of Radio. Popular culture would never be the same. As the years passed, some of the biggest hit songs, in a true “meta” … Continued