Technical Analysis Makes the Grade

Are you inclined to question the merits of technical stock analysis? Then consider this history lesson. Early in 2021, Luckbox examined the charts of public companies in the education sector in an article called Seven Smart Stocks. Let’s look at how those stocks have fared  in the intervening 18 months and see what lessons investors … Continued

Cramer’s Comeuppance

A famous stock picker got almost everything wrong with a set of predictions Nearly two years ago, stock prognosticator Jim Cramer created a seminal video called The Magnificent Seven to showcase stocks he considered the superstarsof the COVID-19 pandemic. All had achieved cult status despite weak earnings. “What if earnings just don’t matter anymore?” Cramer … Continued

Sunshine Securities

Only 0.014% of the solar energy reaching Earth is converted into usable power. That leaves plenty of room for improvement, and companies are rushing to meet the challenge. Let’s examine the securities of five of those firms from a charting perspective. Ranking charts requires subjective judgment, but we’re presenting them in what we consider descending … Continued

3D Printing: A Hype Cycle Case Study

The public’s interest in 3D printers has waned because the devices failed to live up to the hype. What can that teach us about trading technology trends?  Whatever happened to 3D printing?  It was supposed to be in every home in America by now, busily cranking out all the tools, human organs and automobiles anyone … Continued

Boom or Bust—What’s Next for Retailing?

Over the years, some retailing-sector equities have posted staggering gains Circumstances—like inflation or the fickle tastes of consumers—can whip valuations of retailers up or down by thousands of percentage points over the long haul. The wildest high-stakes sectors, such as biotechnology, can move more dramatically than retailing, but staid industries, such as equipment manufacturing or … Continued

Dark Days Ahead?

Technical analysis of stock prices indicates the markets’ “everything bubble” may burst in 2022 Unhelpful pundits often make technical analysis seem terribly complicated. But the basic tenets of good charting focus on supply, demand, support, resistance and trend lines. Using a limited palette of tools, a skilled chartist can glean great insight from long-term charts … Continued

The End of the Rainbow?

Prospects for continued inflation may interfere with finding a pot of gold The word “inflation” may not mean much to anyone who wasn’t around in the 1970s and early ‘80s. Ever since Paul Volcker successfully broke inflation’s metaphorical back during the first Reagan administration, the cost of goods and services has generally inched up only … Continued

Title Fight

Only a handful of companies dominate the real estate title insurance industry. They will need to evolve quickly to retain their reign in front of a fast-moving blockchain. Almost everyone has insurance of one kind or another. Depending on circumstances, someone might have life, fire, flood, earthquake, homeowner’s, renter’s or dental insurance—or any one of … Continued

Crypto Charts Really Well—Here’s What They Say

Traders have been charting the financial markets for hundreds of years, and by the late 1930s Robert D. Edwards and John McGee established modern methods of analyzing historical price data. Just about any financial market can be charted, whether it be commodities, equities, mutual funds or cryptocurrencies, but the charts are truly useful only when … Continued

Cryptocurrencies: Gambling or Investing?

Most people can’t help wanting to parlay a small investment into a windfall. So they buy real estate, procure precious metals, execute options trades or bet on horse races. At one extreme, they make reasoned, logical, fact-based investments. At the other extreme, they risk their bankrolls on reckless wagers with a good chance of failure … Continued