The Apprentice: A Mathematical Edge

As he learns trading, a teenager is already stockpiling financial wisdom—and cash In the case of 18-year-old Jacob Intrator, youth isn’t wasted on the young. While learning to trade equities, he’s increased his nest egg nine-fold in four years. Not many 14-year-olds pick up Burton G. Malkiel’s A Random Walk Down Wall Street to study … Continued

The Master Trader & Educator

“Those who can’t do, teach” is a truncation of a line from Man and Superman, a 1905 George Bernard Shaw play. It’s a maxim that’s often true in the world of options trading, where hucksters pose as teachers to peddle pointless newsletters or charge fees for dubious advice. Yet, one altruistic educator offers true wisdom … Continued

Luckbox Leans in With Futurist Dr. John Sweeney

On the growing use of artificial intelligence and surveillance for predictive policing  Luckbox Magazine: Will new technology address rising crime rates? Dr. John Sweeney: Across a range of contexts, it’s becoming clear that police and law enforcement must have access to new tools. But unless there is trust within the communities where they operate, the … Continued

The Midterms Roundtable

Politicos and pollsters are split on a lot of issues, but they’re PREDICTING some surprising results in the upcoming balloting.  What issues are motivating Americans to vote in the midterms? Dan Judy: What we’re seeing in the polling, and this is something that hasn’t changed, is the economy and inflation are the absolute biggest issues … Continued

The Great Crypto Debate

A Ponzi Scheme or the Future of Money? Proponents extoll the virtues of digital currency, while critics deem it worthless. Nearly everybody advocates regulating it. What’s the primary reason you would advocate for or against investing in cryptocurrencies? Anthony Scaramucci: Every investor should have some allocation to cryptocurrencies in their portfolio, even if it’s just … Continued

Luckbox Leans in with ACT CEO Janet Godwin

Many colleges and universities went “test optional” in their admissions process during the pandemic, but the ACT remains a determining factor for scholarships, courses and admissions  Is it still important to take the ACT and submit a test score to the college or university where you’re applying? ACT scores are still beneficial for students and … Continued

Digging Deeper into Debt

Americans of nearly every socioeconomic background are burdened with student loans  An 80-year-old woman reached out to The Institute of Student Loan Advisors after she discovered her Social Security was being garnished for a $60,000 Parent Plus loan she had taken out 30 years prior for her child who had promised to pay it back … Continued

The New Realities of Virtual Learning

The $1 trillion online education market is benefitting from the pandemic, the great resignation and a thirst for lifelong learning. The trend appears likely to continue. The pandemic forced students and professors online, joining dozens of educational resource companies already there. The resulting growth of skills-based learning and the gig economy, coupled with the great … Continued

Luckbox Leans in with Brian Murphy, American Outdoor Brands President & CEO

AOB became an independent public company in August 2020, building 21 authentic lifestyle brands for outdoor adventures during the pandemic What are the trends in hunting, fishing, camping and outdoor sports? We believe the macro trends are very favorable. The markets we serve—fishing, camping, hunting, shooting sports and the rugged outdoor lifestyle—have all benefited from … Continued

Not Outdoors By Choice

The last official census of the nation’s homeless population was conducted just weeks before COVID-19 shut the country down The numbers are staggering, yet they reflect an undercount. The last official census of the nation’s homeless population set the total at 580,466 in early 2020—right before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the … Continued