Big Bets in Smaller Packages

Investors can express bullish or bearish opinions on cryptocurrencies by trading the CME’s affordable (and more secure) micro futures contracts The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) has for decades provided institutional investors and hedgers access to two-sided, leveraged products for markets underserved by other asset classes. These markets include currencies, metals (both precious and industrial), and … Continued

A Nurse, a Lawyer and a Mail Carrier

Career choice can affect your financial future in unexpected ways Debate over the value of higher education often centers on the relentless rise in tuition over the past few decades. But there’s also the issue of opportunity cost—the income that’s lost by entering the workforce four or more years later. The two factors can combine … Continued

Down But Not Out

When euphoria fades, the hangover may drag down the price of a healthy company’s stock Technology stocks are taking a hit this year, but it’s important to remember the lessons of history. When fear takes over, prices can fall well below their theoretical value. Some—but not all—will rally back to prior levels. Think back to … Continued

Petroleum Perseveres

While debate continues on the transition from fossil fuels to green energy, the nation will rely on oil and gas for the foreseeable future In April 20, 2020, the seemingly unthinkable happened: Crude oil prices fell below zero. More accurately, the May 2020 WTI crude oil futures went negative, touching a low price of -$40.32 … Continued

The BUZZ Doesn’t Live Up to the Hype

Even in the era of meme stocks, this pricey and unpopular sentiment fund is underperforming Even people who’ve never owned stock or never played Grand Theft Auto heard about the GameStop phenomenon and the “meme stock” hype that gripped Wall Street last year. GameStop (GME) shares ended 2020 at $18.84 per share, mounting an impressive … Continued

Essential Market Forecasting Tools

Traders benefit from understanding market trends that repeat over time While the saying “history repeats itself” may seem like a nauseating cliche, it often holds true in economics, finance and trading. Take the example of positive drift in the stock market, which suggests that an aggregate index of stocks will continue to rally over time. … Continued

Crude Oil Bets

Soaring prices for oil and natural gas may provide trade opportunities  Global supply shortages and inflation continue to roil the economy, emptying the wallets of consumers and businesses alike. In a world of rising prices, energy costs stand at the forefront, occupying people’s thoughts and breaking their budgets. In April 2020, U.S. oil futures collapsed … Continued

Hacker Hedges

The Alpha Boost system uses complex algorithms to find a mixture of strategic options trade ideas It feels as though a computer hack at a Fortune 500 company makes headlines about every other week. As a result, most cybersecurity stocks shrugged off the systemic selloffs of 2020 and rallied to new highs and meteoric returns. … Continued