Getting REITs Right

Investing in real estate can be tough. Getting the timing right and choosing a city—or a sector—on the rise could reap large returns, but watch out if a hurricane flattens that near-beach condo and turns the formerly booming resort town into a has-been hotspot. Owning commercial or residential properties to collect rental income can also … Continued

The Art of Sector Selection

As the world economy struggles through the COVID-19 pandemic, market turbulence may continue for the foreseeable future. But where some see panic and volatility, others find opportunity. Younger, more passive investors know they have plenty of time until retirement and can therefore rest easy while their 401(k) plans buy more shares at lower prices. Meanwhile, … Continued

Healthy ETFs

The risks and rewards that investors face when making investment decisions often can lead to more volatility than expected. This concept applies to the biotechnology sector, where the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s approval can determine a company’s profits and, by extension, its stock price. Investors who bet on the right biotech horse can reap … Continued

Changes at Exchanges

Like many industries, financial exchanges have consolidated in the past few decades. The world-famous New York Stock Exchange is now owned by the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE). The Nasdaq (NDAQ) acquired both the Boston and Philadelphia stock exchanges. The CME Group (CME) absorbed the New York Mercantile Exchange and later merged with the Chicago Board of … Continued

Diversify With Alibaba & Baidu

The U.S.-China trade war creates far-reaching ramifications for the economies of both nations. The ebb and flow of negotiations only exacerbates tensions and casts uncertainty on the future. But despite such disputes, the close of 2019 marked the end of a stellar year for U.S. investors. It also capped off an incredible decade for the … Continued

Auto Show: Ford vs. Tata

In November 2019, Mustang enthusiasts gawked and cringed when Ford (F) unveiled the latest addition to the Mustang lineup: the Mach-E. It wasn’t a louder, faster, 550-horsepower V8 pony car, but rather a silent, all-electric SUV. While this left Mustang purists confused, some outside observers saw it as a logical move for Ford. Most car … Continued

CSI: Investigating Thrift Savings Plans

 It’s 1987. Ronald Reagan is serving his second term as president, Paul Simon’s Graceland wins the Grammy for album of the year and the U.S. stock market witnesses Black Monday, the worst day in U.S. market history. While most of the financial industry remembers 1987 because of Black Monday, the year also saw the creation … Continued

What’s Really Going on Inside That Mutual Fund?

In the land of the free, the financial markets offer a nearly limitless choice of stocks. That makes isolating which equities to purchase a painstaking endeavor for large investment firms, let alone do-it-yourself investors. In fact, the difficulties of stock and asset selection explain the long reign of mutual funds. From 401(k) plans to pension … Continued

S&P Changes as it Soars

The S&P 500 Index surpassed 3,000 for the first time on July 10, giving bullish investors across the nation cause to rejoice. The bears, on the other hand, cringed and licked their wounds, which never seem to heal this year. But regardless of whether they felt elation or despair, investors marveled at the breakthrough into … Continued

Millennials are Overexposed to Cannabis

Across the world of financial media one topic pops up repeatedly: “How are millennials saving and investing?” Born from 1981 to 1996, millennials have now reached ages 23 to 38. As baby boomers (1946-1964) retire and members of Generation X (1965-1980) become content with their investing and savings habits, financial firms are shifting their focus … Continued