Crude Oil Bets

Soaring prices for oil and natural gas may provide trade opportunities  Global supply shortages and inflation continue to roil the economy, emptying the wallets of consumers and businesses alike. In a world of rising prices, energy costs stand at the forefront, occupying people’s thoughts and breaking their budgets. In April 2020, U.S. oil futures collapsed … Continued

Hacker Hedges

The Alpha Boost system uses complex algorithms to find a mixture of strategic options trade ideas It feels as though a computer hack at a Fortune 500 company makes headlines about every other week. As a result, most cybersecurity stocks shrugged off the systemic selloffs of 2020 and rallied to new highs and meteoric returns. … Continued

Short Puts to Get Long

A look at Intel says a lot about how to study laddering  It may seem absurd to discuss long equity opportunities in 2021, a year of nonstop new highs in the stock market. However, tried-and-true trade hunters can always find a stock beaten down off its highs with hopes of recovery. A good example would … Continued

Crypto 101: Enroll in the Asset Class

Traders may remember 2011 as a nothing year for the S&P 500. The stock index opened in January at 1,257.62 and closed the year at 1,257.60. Only small circles of tech gurus were mining and trading bitcoin, a relatively unknown asset back then. The next year saw bitcoin finally rally above $1 per coin, peaking … Continued

Lucky Gambling Stocks

There was a time when Americans who felt the itch to gamble packed a bag and flew to Las Vegas to revel in one of the few meccas of legal gambling on the continent. Failing that, they could make a cash bet with a buddy that Michael Jordan would score more than 30 points that … Continued

Retail Bargain Hunting

When America was asked to stay home in 2020, Amazon (AMZN) was there to keep consumers stocked up, in shape and entertained with everything from face masks and toilet paper to dumbbells and exercise bikes. After the brief pullback in February and March of 2020, which left virtually no stocks unscathed, Amazon shares roared back … Continued

Special-Purpose ETFs

Despite the tragic events of the pandemic, many fortunate households have struggled with only one issue: boredom. Working or studying from home, financially stable Americans baked sourdough, flocked to TikTok and hunted down new PlayStations or Xboxes. But people soon tired of Fortnite and Call of Duty. And with their wallets lined with stimulus cash, … Continued

Space Stocks Have Limitless Upside

This year marks the 105th anniversary of Boeing (BA), a company known across the globe for its long history of unparalleled innovation and success. But the aerospace manufacturer’s story was also peppered with gut-wrenching hardship when its technology failed. Through the rallies and falls, Boeing investors have seen it all the last few years, yet … Continued

High-IQ ETFs

The American public has favored mutual funds for decades and by the end of 2019 had placed $21.3 trillion in them, often through 401(k) retirement plans. Luckily for investors, the growth in the mutual fund industry led to more competition, prompting fund managers to refine strategy and lower fees to stay competitive.  But more recently, … Continued

Volatility is Predictable

Twenty-first century financial media strive to gather enough clicks to churn millions of dollars in ad revenue. Those clicks are attained via exciting—or frightening—financial numbers that make for sensational headlines.  Only a microscopic subsection of the general population will click a headline that reads, “German Bund Yields Dropped Another 0.05% Today.” So instead, financial journalists … Continued