Chuck Miller’s lucky (second) hole in one

Lefty golfer Chuck Miller made his first hole in one in 1974. Then in late June of this year, the 81-year-old amateur notched two more aces. The most thrilling part? Miller shot his second and third holes in one at Hot Springs Village’s Cortez Golf Course in the same round—an exceedingly rare event. On the … Continued

The Anxiety Guy

The Anxiety Guy, a top-ranked iTunes podcast, outdoes the competition. That’s an accomplishment because host Dennis Simsek used to want nothing more than to blend in during his years of frequent episodes of panic. He draws on that six-year struggle with anxiety to relate to his listeners and coach them to a better life.  Simsek’s … Continued

Complex Con(versations)

With so many films and TV shows documenting the triumphs and struggles of pro gamers, it can prove difficult to mine them all for advice to apply in the everyday business of esports. While movies like Free to Play or ESPN’s docuseries Good Game reveal an impassioned side to esports, Episode 8 of Complex’s 16-part … Continued

The Business of Esports

“The fastest-growing entertainment phenomenon of this generation.” That’s how the hosts of The Business of Esports podcast—William Collis, Paul Dawalibi and Arda Ocal—characterize professional video gaming. Their podcast sheds light on what’s happening in esports and outlines possible strategies for the business.  The success of The Business of Esports is rooted in the broad nature … Continued