The Future of Crypto Staking

Decentralized finance may benefit from the SEC’s decision to shut down staking by cryptocurrency exchanges The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has forced the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange to shut down its staking service and pay $30 million in fines.  It’s part of a crackdown on such staking services. Let’s examine the mechanics of staking and … Continued

Crypto in Crisis? Don’t Blame the Blockchain

Cryptocurrency and its underlying technology will survive the FTX debacle Chaos reigns in the crypto markets. But the problem isn’t with the underlying blockchain. The fault lies with the centralized crypto exchanges (CEXs) that take custody of their customers’ cryptocurrency. Satoshi Nakamoto, the possibly fictitious inventor of Bitcoin, didn’t intend for institutions like FTX to … Continued

Proof-of-Work Purge The Merge

Ethereum, the second-biggest cryptocurrency network, has sliced its energy use and is preparing for higher volume and lower prices In one of the most highly anticipated events in the history of cryptocurrency, the Ethereum network has successfully merged its execution layer with that of the Beacon chain. This combination of execution layers, which took place … Continued

The Power of the Blockchain

Technology safeguards cryptocurrency by creating an immutable ledger and banishing less-than-reliable humans from the equation To understand the value of cryptocurrencies—or lack thereof—investors can begin by cultivating a working knowledge of the underlying technology: the blockchain. Bitcoin, Ethereum and the other 19,000 or so versions of peer-to-peer money are simply components of blockchains. But blockchains … Continued

Crypto Curriculum

These videos, websites and white papers provide the basics on cryptocurrency and blockchains  Starting a cryptocurrency education can be daunting. A Google search for “cryptocurrency resources” yields more than 100 million results. It’s difficult to know where to go for the best news and research, what tools are at your disposal, and how all this … Continued