Stay Logical

Traders should always bear in mind that markets are random and that the future remains unknown. Predicting prices presents a challenge, but traders can improve their chances by creating and following an approach that’s systematic and logical. They can accomplish that by using facts to create a logical structure. At the same time, they should … Continued

Looking for Liquidity?

Liquidity is essential to successful trading Traders think of price discovery—an essential characteristic of any market—as the process that sets spot prices. It’s a matter of buyers and sellers making transactions. Having lots of participants results in a liquid market that sets prices efficiently and promotes quick execution of trades.  In the world of fine … Continued

It’s Your Move

Trading platforms offer built-in tools that point toward expected stock prices The market is defined from moment to moment by every single decision made by each trader—combined with all of the decisions made by all of the other traders—and instantly processedand displayed. With each tick up, down or sideways, the winners and losers prepare for … Continued

Cyber Scrutiny

Finding the best cyber companies to trade doesn’t have to be hard. Here’s the secret formula.  Cyber security companies are big and growing bigger. The industry generated $120 billion in 2020 and projections call for volume to increase substantially. Therefore, trading possibilities abound. But choosing the right strategies requires the fundamental skill of knowing how … Continued


This cheat sheet shows the results of studies testing for average volatility and correlations Cryptocurrencies have become a trading realm onto themselves. Investors have hundreds of coins to choose from, and new ones keep emerging. Among all the markets, bitcoin and ethereum are the largest. This cheat sheet focuses on some of what traders need … Continued

The Trading Game

Be ready to revise your game plan. New products and new types of trades are making investing feel more like a game. But don’t look to reinvent an approach to trading every cycle; instead, stick to a thought-out game plan that allows for adaptation and that can evolve with new information. That strategy can benefit … Continued

Risk Mechanics

Knowing how and when to evaluate and control risk Trading is commerce, and commerce is the relationship between the markets’ vast number of buyers and sellers—all aiming to end the day with a profit. Some will win, and others will not. As in all of the many manifestations of commerce, trading has rules for success. … Continued

Four Pillars of Options

These four elements can provide the key to successful investing. In statistics, the law of large numbers says that as the sample size grows, outcomes will more closely resemble the expected probabilities. Flip a coin 10 times, and it may come up heads 80% of the time. Flip a coin 10,000 times, and the outcome … Continued

Outsmarting the Machines

Be prepared when the algorithms switch from BUY to SELL In his cutting-edge 1950s I, Robot science-fiction stories, Isaac Asimov created a world where robots gained more than a bit of world-wise experience and insight. The stories center on how the robots’ knowledge, intelligence, understanding and wisdom affect their relationships with humans. Have Wall Street’s … Continued

Metrics & Mechanics

Alleviate the guesswork and reduce the risk of trade decision-making The market reacts to the decisions of millions of traders and even expresses their emotions. It does both by establishing equity prices from moment to moment. That’s why a well-defined set of mechanics can help alleviate the guesswork of trade decisions. This cheat sheet was … Continued