Fundamental Intelligence

Getting smart about these AI stocks begins with an understanding of the basics       Be smart picking stocks in the artificial intelligence sector by considering the fundamentals of 12 popular AI companies. That’ll require reviewing market capitalization, implied volatility and price/earnings (P/E) ratios. Smaller companies—the ones with less than a few billion dollars in … Continued

Good Pharma Karma

The healthcare sector is set to contribute to your bottom line The market downturn has been kind to the healthcare sector. The S&P 500 (SPY) dropped 16% since the beginning of the bear market, while the Health Care Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLV) decreased by only 4%. The healthcare sector appears to be acting like … Continued

Affordable Futures

Retail investors can use new smaller futures contracts to hedge their portfolio bets  Hedge fund managers and other big investors have been using futures to reduce risk for years, but until recently the size of these products has prevented smaller investors from taking advantage of them.  Not anymore. Now, futures have become available to even … Continued

Six Traders, Six Trades

A trading committee offers long- and short-term strategies for the new year Tony “BAT” Battista  Bullish investors looking to take a long-term view could consider a very wide broken wing butterfly. It’s for traders with accounts of more than $100,000 who are looking for a risk-mitigating position. The potential payoff is $10,110, while the max … Continued

2 Trades for the Cautious Gold Bug

Here’s how investors can make money from the glittering precious metal, even when it’s declining in value Many in the financial world think of gold as a safe investment and a counter to the overall stock market. But as equities decline and the economy shows signs of weakness, gold isn’t increasing in price. Instead, it’s … Continued

The Blunt Truth About Pot Stocks

Cannabis-related stock prices are falling as the nation awaits federal decriminalization  After the 2020 U.S. presidential election, cannabis stocks reached new highs as the nation waited for President Joe Biden to fulfill campaign promises to decriminalize cannabis and pardon nonviolent offenders. When that didn’t happen, cannabis stocks began falling to new lows. Although the S&P … Continued