Cartoon Clairvoyance

The Simpsons displays an uncanny ability to tap into the zeitgeist and a knack for predicting the future Methods of predicting the future include old-school toys like the mystifying Magic 8-Ball and the slightly haunted Ouija board. But a local psychic or astrologist on TikTok can provide a slightly more high-powered approach: “I see you … Continued

Fix the CPI or Bust

A new century dawned a long time ago. When will the Consumer Price Index catch up to the way we actually live? I have a framed print that I found at a local art fair. (No, it’s not Live, Laugh, Love. I’m not a psychopath.) It’s a picture of a Chihuahua with the caption, “I … Continued

Dealing With My Data Issues

Every action I took to protect my data took too long, cost money or wasn’t user-friendly to anyone born before 1981 My favorite tale of privacy involves a lot of unexpected players. I was camping in Michigan last summerand had a hankering for pizza. As I stood in line, the server asked a customer ahead … Continued

Crypto Riche

1.7 million new millionaires and 56 new billionaires emerged in America in 2020.Here’s a glimpse of the crypto class. Aparody Twitter account called @justsaysinmice flags clickbait health articles with headlines like, “Scientists Find Link Between Video Games and Sexual Prowess.” But researchers discovered that trend only in mice. The same nudge and wink apply to … Continued

Gambling to a 1,925% Return

A first-time gambler hits the road for one week of mobile wagering and a +37% return—annualized to 1,925% for this clickbait headline Working for a group of traders is sometimes like starring in your own version of a musical. Not that traders break out in choreographed dance moves or sing songs of yearning, but mostly … Continued

Black Mirror Bodega

Amazon Go stores combine the ambiance of the inside of a vending machine with mundane sandwiches  As consumers shift from conspicuous consumption to experiences, they’ll find a plethora of places to spend money. Want to be a ropin’, ridin’ cowboy? Go to a dude ranch. Want to throw a heater over home plate? Do a … Continued

Fame, Fortune & Finance

Starstruck by big-name athletes and entertainers, investors stock up on special-purpose acquisition company stocks We look to celebrities for lots of things: Which vitamins will give me lustrous hair, how to apologize and sound like you mean it, and how to make sex tapes for fun and profit. But should we be looking to them … Continued

Not the “Billions” Carl Sagan Was Referring To

Musk and Bezos square off in a lopsided showdown to determine who can build a bigger payload for phallic-shaped rockets Amazon sold another $100 billion worth of Scrub Daddies, fitted sheet straps and other goods essential to life in the 21st century, the company reported in its fourth-quarter earnings statement. But that wasn’t the big … Continued

There’s More Than One Way To Be Smart

Nature, nurture and emotional intelligence If you’re a hiring manager, talent scout or just a woman who’s dating well into her 30s, you know that sharing, interpreting and regulating emotions doesn’t always come naturally. Yes, this issue of Luckbox is all about the raw intellectual power of the human brain, but what’s the key factor … Continued

Seven Predictions for 2021

Here comes another year. But it can’t get much worse than 2020. Can it? Every November, after all the leftover turkey has been eaten, a group of Wall Street analysts gathers at a secret location to mete out predictions for the upcoming year. Trends are analyzed, forecasts are made and charts are backtested. Then, when … Continued