CBD: Placebo or Panacea?

It’s been a while since a trend has whipped the zeitgeist into more of a frenzy than CBD has managed. Keto came close, there was that whole grapefruit diet fad and there were the “fat-free” potato chips whose only side effect was explosive diarrhea. If there were a shortcut to wellness, or a one-size-fits-all pill, … Continued

CBD: A Physician’s Perspective

Legalization is so important for people who use cannabis medically on a regular basis An experienced physician, Chicago-based Dr. Rahul Khare, finds his patients benefit from CBD and THC but cautions against accepting below par products. He recently shared his thoughts on the present and future of cannabis. Your thoughts on legalization? Dr. Rahul Khare: … Continued

A New Take on the Highball

CBD is showing up everywhere, even in cocktails. So luckbox asked contributing editor and Fake Financial News columnist Vonetta Logan to check it out. Kuma’s on Fulton is at the epicenter of Chicago’s new food mecca, the Fulton Market District.  Even before you set foot inside, the thrashing beat of heavy metal rearranges your internal … Continued

Esports Sensei

Move over math and science: tutors are teaching electronic gaming and making a living at it The American education system has become an arms race of intellectual achievement, with mentors, tutors and coaches pushing students to pursue perspicacity in fields as varied as math, science, creative writing and even competitive tennis and soccer.  That fevered … Continued

IPOs Aren’t For Real

POs (initial public offerings) are back, baby!  Here at luckbox, the editors are partying like it’s the dot com bubble of 1999. To borrow a line from the seminal film The Social Network, the story of Facebook (FB) evolving from dorm-room-based stalking site to global threat to democracy, co-creator of Napster (NAPS) Sean Parker supposedly … Continued

Influencers: The New Pump & Dump Cons

When 50 wealthy parents from eight states were indicted for allegedly using a Brinks truck full of bribes to get their shockingly average spawn into the nation’s elite universities (and the University of San Diego), the Twittersphere was awash in jokes. “Aunt Becky’s going to jail,” some online comedians wrote. “Man, these housewives sure are … Continued

Sosnoff Rocks the World of Finance

Not you again…I’m sick of seeing you,” complains Tom Sosnoff as he contorts himself into an exaggerated slouch and sighs like a teen- ager whose Wi-Fi has just been turned off. I sidle up to the long communal wooden lunch table that he calls his office. It’s the epicenter of activity in a converted industrial … Continued