Ever wonder how prescription drugs got such weird names? Well, the explanation feels weirder still. 

Cleaning my apartment with the TV on in the background, I’m caught up in a catchy bop sonically streaming into my living room. My hips shimmy as I move my Swiffer in time with the music. I casually sing along, “A1C…down with Ree-Bell-Susssssss.”

As I shower and get ready for work, I can’t get it out of my head: “A1Ceeeeeeee down with Ree-Bell-Suss.” As I make coffee at the office, a subtle vocal run of “Get down with Reybelsus!” reverberates in my cranium. Later, I make a request before I go to bed: “Alexa…play Down with Rybelsus.”

At least I’m not alone in my addiction to this YouTube video ad for a diabetes drug manufactured...

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