Drink and Be Happy

Based on the potential benefits of proper hydration, such as reduced bladder cancer risk, how many cups of water should people drink every day? Blue Zones Beverage Rules Drink coffee for breakfast, tea in the afternoon, red wine at 5 p.m. and water all day. Never drink soda, including diet soda. With very few exceptions, … Continued

Meet Draye Densmore

Home  Houston Age 25 Years trading 4 How did you start trading? I’ve always been passionate about the markets and had a strong desire to learn how to trade them. I’ve read many books, watched a ton of tastytrade videos and attended various seminars and conferences to educate myself about the world of finance. Once … Continued

How to Be a Conscious Eater

When it comes to what people should eat, confusion reigns. One day, coffee can cause cancer—the next, it’s the key to a long life. One day, something else will be bad for heart health—and the next it will be the perfect thing to start your day. And this is all without even considering the environmental … Continued

Market Malaise

The markets’ performance during earlier epidemics may indicate investors have little to fear from the coronavirus  Based on the markets’ performance during the onset of other infectious diseases—including SARS, Ebola and avian flu—Wall Street investors may have little to fear from the coronavirus. The pathogen need not sicken a U.S. stock market that finished last … Continued

Meet Harvinder Singh Dhillon

Trader & Entrepreneur Office London Age 28 Years trading 5 How did you start trading? Having a finance background, I always saw trading as the pinnacle. I used to watch movies like Wall Street and get a real buzz from it. So, in the summer of 2014, I decided to get my feet wet and … Continued

Down on the Baijiu

What you should know about the world’s most popular liquor—and what to try Chinese spirits have a clear, colorless appearance and a biting, fragrant aroma. Though they’re typically distilled from sorghum, they can also be made from rice, wheat, corn and all sorts of starchy substances. The average strength of baijiu (pronounced “bye-joe”) is around … Continued

Meet Rob Hoffman

CEO and founder, becomeabettertrader.com Age 49 Years trading 25 Office Lake Geneva, Wisc. What did you start trading? Since childhood I’ve always enjoyed playing chess and thinking several moves ahead. As I grew up, I found that same perspective was a perfect fit for trading. One key aspect of that is identifying statistically significant trends … Continued

Meet Jenny Andrews

Co-host of The LIZ & JNY Show on the tastytrade network Hometown Frankfort, Ill. Age 43 Years trading 22 Office When I’m not at tastytrade, it’s a sofa with my laptop and my dog, Clarence. How did you started trading? My grandfather was a fireman at the station across from the Chicago Board Options Exchange … Continued

6 Simple Side Gigs

Looking for side-hustle ideas? Luckbox evaluates the challenges, barriers to entry and profit potential of some of the most popular second-income opportunities. Ride SharingIncome Potential $20/hr Working as a rideshare driver via apps such as Uber and Lyft is a really great way to either make some extra income, or to make a full-time income. … Continued

Meet James the Trader

A longtime part-time trader continues to learn new tactics and still enjoys winning James Heidbreder developed an  interest in trading when he was still in high school. First, he heard his economics teacher discuss the markets with a University of Colorado finance professor. Then he read Louis Engels’ book, How to Buy Stocks. These days, … Continued