Meet Stefanie Kammerman

Home/Office location Las Vegas Age 52 Years trading 28 How did you start trading? Happy hour! I got lucky and got offered a job as a trader’s assistant working in the million-dollar room at Shonfeld Securities, the biggest prop firm in New York. [A proprietary trading company, or prop firm, invests its own money in … Continued

Amigos, o Enemigos?

Have you ever been hurt by your best friend, and then wanted to exact some form of revenge on them? Maybe even kill them? While you probably really felt that way at the time, you certainly didn’t mean it. Amigo is a 2019 film starring Javier Botet and David Pareja that delves into a friendship … Continued

Meet Bobby Gaines

Home/Office location Bowdon, GA Age 52 Years trading 11 How did you start trading? I was installing a Roku box on my television and found tastytrade! Initially, I wondered about this homeless dude and his Mafia sidekick. Turns out it was Tom and Tony, and they’re the real deal! Favorite trading strategy? It’s a little … Continued

Meet Ivan Fediv

Home/Office location: Chicago Age: 20 Years trading: 3 How did you start trading? In high school, I ran a high-end streetwear and sneaker reselling business, which taught me how to assess investment risk and led to my interest in capital markets. Soon enough, I purchased a course on fundamental investing and technical analysis, only to … Continued

Crypto: What is it good for?

Critics disparage digital currency and believers praise it. Right now, the bears may seem clairvoyant, but investors who focus on the price of bitcoin may be missing three opportunities. By Ran Grace Some celebrate praise cryptocurrency as the most transformative tech since the invention of the internet, while others condemn it as a gigantic and … Continued

Meet Sanjeev Malhotra

Home/Office location East Brunswick, New Jersey Age 51 Years trading 22 How did you start trading? I began trading during the stock market’s great bull run in 1992 and made a lot of money for a 21-year-old college kid. Then I got busy with a career and traded mostly part time. I continue to trade … Continued

Meet Payal Swami

Home/Office location Tustin, California Age 45 Years trading Seven How did you start trading? My sister introduced me to options trading. I had just walked away from a 20-year career in technology but wanted to continue to challenge myself with learning new skills while trying to find that elusive work-life balance. I had no finance … Continued

Meet Aneta Genova

Home/Office location New York City Years trading 12 How did you start trading? I was running my own business for small leather goods about 17 years ago, and when I started being profitable, my accountant advised me to go to Fidelity and invest my money with them. I bought some mutual funds based on their … Continued