Luckbox Leans in with Scott Galloway

Scott Galloway is a speaker, podcaster, entrepreneur, best-selling author and instructor of brand and marketing strategy at the New York University Stern School of Business. His books include The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google; The Algebra of Happiness, and Post Corona: From Crisis to Opportunity. Galloway has been calling for … Continued

Meet Rich Dvorak

Rich Dvorak, IG Analyst @richdvorakfx Home/Office location Chicago Age 27 Years trading Nine How did you start trading? I opened a brokerage account on my 18th birthday. I discovered my passion for finance the moment I was exposed to the law of compounding interest. This passion blossomed as I learned to exploit market inefficiencies. My … Continued

Learning the Trade

Two Gen Z TikTok influencers are learning the fine art of trading stocks and optionsfrom a seasoned pro—and they’re doing it in real time on the tastytrade network The April issue of Luckbox introduced readers to Kayla Kilbride and Errol Coleman, the beneficiaries of mentoring from legendary trader Tom Sosnoff, co-CEO of the tastytrade financial … Continued

Meet Ilya Spivak

Ilya Spivak, Head Asian-Pacific Strategist at DailyFX  Home/Office location San Francisco Age 38 Years trading 15 How did you start trading? I graduated with dual undergraduate degrees in economics and international relations, wanting to pursue some sort of hands-on macro research or analysis. I was also stubbornly dead set on staying in San Francisco. After … Continued

We won a Maggie Award, again!

Luckbox magazine won a Maggie Award for Best Special Theme / Consumer & Trade for our November 2021 Political Issue at the 69th Annual Maggie Awards, which was hosted virtually  April 23.  The Maggie Awards are the publishing and digital media’s longest reigning awards program in the United States. Dedicated to celebrating excellence, the awards honor … Continued

TikTok Dough

Luckbox sponsors a new tastytrade network segment to teach two young influencers the trade Two Gen Z TikTok influencers are learning the fine art of trading stocks and options from a seasoned pro—and they’re doing it in real time, with real money on a live webcast. The students, Kayla Kilbride and Errol Coleman, are getting … Continued

Meet Michael Nauss

Trader/Consultant, @bonpara Age 35 Office Halifax, Nova Scotia Years trading 15 How did you start trading?  It was a very random occurrence during a job fair at university. A proprietary trading firm was looking for people in finance to scalp at their firm. After the first few days, I was hooked. The ability to solve … Continued

The Luckbox Bookshelf

New and not-so-new books that captured our attention this month Far too often, book reviews drive away readers. But reviews present just one stranger’s view, and taking them to heart leaves great books undiscovered. The Luckbox Bookshelf offers profiles instead of reviews. Don’t look to these pages for opinions. Think of Bookshelf as a place … Continued

Your Green Mattress

Over the course of a lifetime, the average person spends about 26 years (9,490 days) sleeping, not to mention seven years trying to get to sleep. That’s a total of 33 years in bed and a good reason to care about mattresses. Discussions about healthy sleeping habits often center around when and how long people … Continued

Meet John Carter

John Carter, founder, Simpler Trading  Age 51 Office Austin, Texas Years trading  31 How did you  start  trading? I spent my junior year of high school working at a cookie store at the mall making minimum wage. After a while, I saved up $1,000. One night when I got home my dad and his buddies … Continued