Crypto: What is it good for?

Critics disparage digital currency and believers praise it. Right now, the bears may seem clairvoyant, but investors who focus on the price of bitcoin may be missing three opportunities. By Ran Grace Some celebrate praise cryptocurrency as the most transformative tech since the invention of the internet, while others condemn it as a gigantic and … Continued

Meet Sanjeev Malhotra

Home/Office location East Brunswick, New Jersey Age 51 Years trading 22 How did you start trading? I began trading during the stock market’s great bull run in 1992 and made a lot of money for a 21-year-old college kid. Then I got busy with a career and traded mostly part time. I continue to trade … Continued

Meet Payal Swami

Home/Office location Tustin, California Age 45 Years trading Seven How did you start trading? My sister introduced me to options trading. I had just walked away from a 20-year career in technology but wanted to continue to challenge myself with learning new skills while trying to find that elusive work-life balance. I had no finance … Continued

Meet Aneta Genova

Home/Office location New York City Years trading 12 How did you start trading? I was running my own business for small leather goods about 17 years ago, and when I started being profitable, my accountant advised me to go to Fidelity and invest my money with them. I bought some mutual funds based on their … Continued

The Wishful Thinking of Nuclear Fusion Energy

“I would like nuclear fusion to become a practical power source. It would provide an inexhaustible supply of energy, without pollution or global warming.”—Stephen Hawking By L. J. Reinders Don’t expect scientists to harness the power of nuclear fusion anytime soon. Fusion occurs when atomic nuclei join to create a heavier atom, releasing power that … Continued

Meet Mike Niemotka

Home/Office location Round Lake, Illinois Age 54 Years trading 20  How did you start trading? My father introduced me to investing around the age of 13, but it was more the typical buy-and-hold for stocks. About eight years ago, I stumbled onto tastytrade as I was researching options trading, and I was hooked.  Favorite trading … Continued

Meet Kimberly Jane

@mommavestor Home/Office location Washington Years trading Three  How did you start trading? I have been engaged in the stock market for most of my adult life, but at first I invested in the market through a portfolio manager. When the market pulled back in 2018, I began to manage one of my accounts. I began … Continued

Meet Dino Karahalios

Home/Office location: Wauconda, Illinois Age: 68 Years trading: 16 How did you start trading? I attended a presentation by Tom Sosnoff, who was then CEO of thinkorswim. He spent a very generous amount of time answering individual questions and sharing his trading knowledge. I was ready to take more control of our savings from a … Continued

The Luckbox Bookshelf

New and not-so-new books that captured our attention this month The Man of Numbers: Fibonacci’s Arithmetic Revolution By Keith Devlin  In this scholarly 2011 biography of Leonardo of Pisa—the 13th-century math whiz better known as Fibonacci—author Keith Devlin documents a life of nearly unparalleled achievement. At the same time, Devlin shoulders the task of dispelling … Continued

Meet Joseph Barbuto

Home/Office location Long Island, NY Age 59 Years trading 25 How did you start trading? Around 1987, I was working for a small electronics company that Bear Sterns took public. This gave me some insight into the reality of small public companies. I started playing with penny stocks. What I learned about penny stocks was … Continued