Four experts weigh in on the state of generative AI and the impact of ChatGPT. Just to be fair, we also asked the chatbot for its opinions. 

Luckbox: On a scale where “1” stands for pocket calculators and “100” is Skynet—the superintelligent group mind that rules the future in the Terminator movies—what’s the current state of artificial intelligence (AI) technology? 

Domingos: We’re at 10. We’ve come a long way, but there’s far more to go.

Selman: I would say 60 to 70. If you had asked me the question last fall, three months before ChatGPT, I would have said 10 or even five. Because a few months ago, it was not clear that AI systems could understand language in a meaningful way. I had my undergraduate class do a bunch of...

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