The Short Naked Put

Collect income while waiting for the price of a stock to go down Ever wanted to own a stock for less than its current price? Or would you like to collect income while waiting for the price to decrease?  There’s a way to do both while putting up less money than it would cost to … Continued

Three Ways to Short the Market

A menagerie of options strategies called zebras, lizards and spreads can help investors profit from a continued decline in stock prices in the new year Active investors have become accustomed to managing their portfolios during up-trending markets. But after a turbulent year in 2022, they may be ready to bet prices for stocks, bonds and … Continued

Managing Volatility Around the Midterms

The market expects this election cycle to cause large price moves  Midterm elections often cause volatility, and the markets are acting accordingly. Volatility futures (/VX) show the possibility of lots of price fluctuation throughout the rest of the year. Whether it’s because of inflation, recession, geopolitical issues or something else, the market expects this election … Continued

Covered Strangle

A bullish bet with some added protection Investors often hear they should “buy low and sell high.” But when the opportunity arises, they can feel reluctant to commit capital. The inverse is also true. They may hesitate to sell stocks because they fear they’ll miss out on profits. As discussed in the August Luckbox, a … Continued

Covered Call Basics

Neutral to bullish on a stock? Investors can use a covered call without continually checking their portfolios. Work smarter, not harder. That’s sound advice on the job or at home, but it also applies to the markets. Investors who buy a stock and hold it until retirement can sell covered calls to improve performance without … Continued

4 Crypto Criteria

Choose a crypto by analyzing market cap, volatility, correlation and utility With hundreds of cryptocurrencies widely available, it’s challenging to choose the “right” one. Is bitcoin the best long-term investment? Does ether have more potential now that it’s switching to proof of stake? What’s the next dogecoin? Investors ask these questions and more. But instead … Continued

Costless Collar

A costless collar is formed from a combination of strategies to create a “free” position protecting 100 shares of stock. Here they are: A covered call, which is a two-part strategy consisting of long shares of stock and short calls. 2. A protective put,which is a risk management strategy that enables investors to protect themselves … Continued

Learn the Trade: Start Here

These essential resources can help any active investor navigate the equity markets Learning about finance on the internet can seem challenging because so many courses and resources are hidden behind paywalls. Plus, would-be online learners have to navigate the distractions of a never-ending stream of pitches for “how to become a millionaire fast and easy.” … Continued

Dollar-cost Averaging

DCA, the strategy of investing an equal amount of money at regular intervals regardless of the price of the underlying stock, removes emotion from the equation