Trading the Emerging Space Exploration Sector

Interest in interstellar investment opportunities has been steadily growing the last several years and the recent launch of the ARK Space Exploration & Innovation ETF (ARKX) has further diversified the offerings in this emerging sector.

Open-Minded Forecasting in a Deeply Polarized World

Superforecasters share three strategies for making accurate predictions Americans are more polarized than ever, and their split along two ideological extremes complicates a forecaster’s job. Polarization stresses feelings over facts, confounding the separation of signal from noise that’s essential to forecasting accuracy. Also, the forecaster’s own biases and preferences can be harder to recognize—and set … Continued

Not the “Billions” Carl Sagan Was Referring To

Musk and Bezos square off in a lopsided showdown to determine who can build a bigger payload for phallic-shaped rockets Amazon sold another $100 billion worth of Scrub Daddies, fitted sheet straps and other goods essential to life in the 21st century, the company reported in its fourth-quarter earnings statement. But that wasn’t the big … Continued