The 66th Annual Grammy Awards wrapped up last night, and some artists certainly got their flowers (Miley Cyrus). Last month, I took a shot at predicting the outcome of some categories in rock, alternative and general song and album categories. I was pleasantly surprised by the predictions I got wrong—here’s my recap of who won, as well as some exciting surprises that unfolded during the live broadcast.  

Best Alternative Music Performance 

Rockhound prediction: Boygenius (Cool About It

Grammy winner: Paramore (This Is Why

This award was not shown on the live broadcast, so I found out that Paramore won about two hours beforehand. I’m so happy my prediction was wrong for this category! Paramore have been fierce pioneers in the modern pop punk-rock genre and made an astounding comeback with their edgy, alternative album This Is Why. It’s not that I doubted them. I just typically base my Grammy predictions on popularity among fans and other musicians, and Boygenius has taken over the spotlight this year.  

Best Alternative Music Album 

Rockhound Prediction: Boygenius (The Record

Grammy winner: Boygenius (The Record

As I mentioned in my prediction, Boygenius’ The Record nailed the most traditional alternative sound, compared to other artists in the category. What that means is their sound varied throughout the album, not falling into the same notes, lyrics or progressions. Alternative music is supposed to stray away from the mainstream, and while they accomplish that, Boygenius has become somewhat of a mainstream band in popularity and reach.  

Best Rock Song 

Rockhound prediction: Foo Fighters (Rescued

Grammy winner: Boygenius (Not Strong Enough

Technically, I got this one right because I said Boygenius should win. I’ve been a fan of the band, as well as their solo work, for years and felt this was well-deserved based on the response the album received . Driven by guitar, their music is pure indie-rock, filled with groovy guitar solos and progressions. 

Best Rock Album 

Rockhound prediction: Foo Fighters (But Here We Are

Grammy winner: Paramore (This Is Why

This is another one where I got the “should win” part right, and boy am I happy!! This win also made history because Paramore is the first woman-fronted rock band to win in this category. That’s huge and speaks volumes about Paramore’s influence in rock. Women dominated the Grammy’s this year—just look at the winners list.  

Best Album of the Year 

Rockhound prediction: Taylor Swift (Midnights

Grammy winner: Taylor Swift (Midnights

This was obvious. Not much to dissect here other than Swift making history as the first person ever to win Album of the Year four times.  

Best Song of the Year 

Rockhound prediction: Taylor Swift (Anti-Hero

Grammy winner: Billie Eilish (What Was I Made For?

Though I was slightly surprised by this one, it was certainly deserved.The song What Was I made For? from the Barbie movie had already won an Oscar nomination. It’s beautifully written, emotional and easy to connect to. Eilish also displays her profound vocal abilities in this song with immense range and stability.  

Best New Artist  

Rockhound prediction: Ice Spice 

Grammy winner: Victoria Monét 

I should have seen this one coming, but this category always infuriates me—none of the artists on this list are “new.” Victoria Monét has been an artist I’ve heard about and followed for years, and she’s even been nominated for a Grammy award 10 times, winning three, including Best New Artist this year. Not sure how an artist can be considered new when they’ve been a vital part of the music industry for over a decade. This is all to say, I’m very glad she finally got this recognition—she has deserved it for years!  

Surprising moments 

  • Tracey Chapman performing her song Fast Car with Luke Combs, who covered the song last year.  
  • Taylor Swift announced her brand new album, The Tortured Poets Department, out April 19—when nearly all Swifties were expecting her to announce Reputation (Taylor’s Version) instead.  
  • Stevie Wonder performed a duet with the late Tony Bennet, an emotional moment for me as a longtime fan of Bennet’s. The duet was done by showcasing an old video of Bennet singing For Once in My Life along with Wonder on the piano. Wonder hasn’t been on broadcast TV much lately. 
  • Fantasia absolutely crushed it during the Tina Turner tribute, performing a beautiful rendition of Rolling on the River.  
  • Miley Cyrus won her first Grammy ever for Flowers and took home a second for Best Record of the Year. This was such a great moment! 
  • Joni Mitchell took the stage for her first-ever Grammy performance after winning Best Folk Album for Joni Mitchell at Newport.  

Check out the full list of 2024 Grammy winners here.  

Kendall Polidori is The Rockhound, Luckbox’s resident rock critic. Follow her reviews on Instagram and Twitter. @rockhoundlb