Vinyl’s Revival: A Decade of Growth

A seemingly endless amount of music is just a smartphone tap away, but that isn’t stopping a growing demographic of music-lovers from listening the old-fashioned way: laying some vinyl down on a turntable What do vinyl records and craft beer have in common? “Nothing” may be the instinctive response, but Rick Wojcik, owner of what … Continued

High Fiverr

Fiverr connects freelancers and gigs with Amazon-like efficiency, one of the reasons so many new freelancers aren’t looking back. Amid a harsh economic landscape, where Covid-19 jeopardizes lives and livelihoods around the world, freelancing has emerged as a much-needed beacon of hope for skilled workers.  In the United States alone, tens of millions of people … Continued

Drunk, High & Horny

America is drinking more booze, ingesting more weed and spending more time on porn sites to while away the hours in self-isolation. Luckbox looks at vices during quarantine. The nation is beginning to reopen, but Americans have felt cooped up for a long time. California imposed the nation’s first statewide COVID-19 lockdown on March 19, … Continued

American Factory

In 2008, a General Motors factory closed in a suburb of Dayton, Ohio, leaving more than 2,000 employees without work. The plant, which had produced SUVs and trucks, would lay dormant for years, offering no indication that life—or jobs—would return. Then entered China. Six years after the closing of the GM plant, China-based manufacturing company … Continued

The New Silk Road

China’s Belt and Road Initiative is financing major development projects throughout the world. Is hegemony the goal? When an economic superpower plans to invest trillions of dollars in other countries’ infrastructure in the name of regional connectivity and trade, one can’t help but wonder if its motivations are solely altruistic or if other factors are … Continued

The Trade War & GDP Growth

January saw the signing of a “Phase 1” trade agreement between the United States and China, signaling progress in the trade war enveloping the world’s two largest economies. “With this signing, we mark more than just an agreement,” President Donald Trump said. “We mark a sea change in international trade.” Phase 1 obligates Beijing to … Continued

Jeri Ellsworth on Augmented Reality

Tilt Five’s CEO Jeri Ellsworth discusses what consumers should expect from the future of AR.  Silicon Valley’s Jeri Ellsworth was the first team member hired into the hardware research and development department of the renowned video game company Valve, known for hit titles such as Counter-Strike, Half-Life and Team Fortress 2.  She went on in … Continued

Truth Be Told: News Is Biased (Odds Are … You Are, Too)

What people say they want in surveys and where they click online doesn’t add up More than 75% of Americans believe it’s never acceptable for news media to favor one political party over others. Yet big-name media outlets, such as Fox News, MSNBC and CNN, are lambasted daily for alleged favoritism. If media consumers truly … Continued

Richard Jewell

The story of Richard Jewell, the security guard who discovered an explosives-filled backpack during the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, is once again captivating the nation—this time because of Clint Eastwood’s new biographical drama. Jewell’s actions on the night of the bombing were initially credited with saving countless lives, elevating him to national-hero status. … Continued