Cuomo Will Be Reelected, Scaramucci Says

Sexual misconduct allegations might not be enough to stop the New York governor from securing a fourth term. Despite numerous sexual misconduct allegations and a deluge of calls for his resignation, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo will not only survive his third term but also win a fourth, says former White House Director of Communications … Continued

Space Junk

Ignoring the debris that’s orbiting Earth could have dire implications Odds are, orbital debris seldom tops the list of pressing issues occupying most people’s minds. But those privy to the possible consequences of growing debris fields feel differently. “It’s an area of huge concern,” said Director of the National Air and Space Museum Ellen Stofan. “It’s the … Continued

Astro Photophile

Col. Terry Virts spent more time in space than everyone else featured in this issue combined, and he has pictures to prove it Over the course of his life, U.S. Air Force Col. Terry Virts has worn many helmets. Having served as a test pilot, fighter pilot, space shuttle pilot, NASA astronaut and as commander … Continued

If You Follow the Math, We Are Probably Not Alone

Two U.K.-based scientists came up with a new method for estimating the number of intelligent civilizations in the galaxy, and the future of human civilization serves as an important indicator  Are humans alone in the galaxy? The question is far from new and its answer remains unknown. But breakthroughs in astrophysics, paired with what is … Continued

Your Brain on Sleep

Americans spend a third of their lives sleeping—or trying to, anyway. And although it may come naturally, how and how often people sleep can play a game-changing role in their cognitive abilities. Getting enough sleep is a smart idea. Literally. A wealth of studies indicate sleep deprivation carries adverse side effects, ranging from poorer mental … Continued

The Pros are Betting on Blue

Prediction market traders forecast a strong Democratic showing in November Despite Joe Biden’s lead in national polling, the fate of the 2020 election is closely tied to the results of a few key battleground states. Two months ahead of election day, Luckbox asked five accomplished prediction market traders how they would wager in some of … Continued

Vinyl’s Revival: A Decade of Growth

A seemingly endless amount of music is just a smartphone tap away, but that isn’t stopping a growing demographic of music-lovers from listening the old-fashioned way: laying some vinyl down on a turntable What do vinyl records and craft beer have in common? “Nothing” may be the instinctive response, but Rick Wojcik, owner of what … Continued

High Fiverr

Fiverr connects freelancers and gigs with Amazon-like efficiency, one of the reasons so many new freelancers aren’t looking back. Amid a harsh economic landscape, where Covid-19 jeopardizes lives and livelihoods around the world, freelancing has emerged as a much-needed beacon of hope for skilled workers.  In the United States alone, tens of millions of people … Continued

Drunk, High & Horny

America is drinking more booze, ingesting more weed and spending more time on porn sites to while away the hours in self-isolation. Luckbox looks at vices during quarantine. The nation is beginning to reopen, but Americans have felt cooped up for a long time. California imposed the nation’s first statewide COVID-19 lockdown on March 19, … Continued