This first-mover cannabis sweetener hopes to earn $3 million in first-year revenues.

Shoogies, a (THC) cannabis-infused sweetener, is hitting dispensary shelves throughout California. It’s available with agave or cane sugar, and the manufacturer hopes it can “elevate” the way users eat, cook and mix cocktails. 

Shoogies co-founder and CEO Latham Woodward says the product provides the benefits of a low dose of THC of cannabis that’s easy to use and won’t offend observers who may be put off by more traditional methods of cannabis consumption. It’s also great for people who want the effects of cannabis without the need for smoking or vaping.

Woodward’s wife inspired the product after one of her friends “had a bad gummy bear experience from super-saturated THC,” definitely a First World problem.

Woodward hit the labs to develop a solution in the form of a “mellow” high. “Not stoned, but satisfaction,” he says. Shoogies was born as a low 5mg THC dose—a portable cannabis product a consumer could use anytime and anywhere. 

$24 for a box of (20) 0.25 oz. sugar packs
$28 for box of (20) 0.25 oz. agave packs

“What we wanted was to have a product that didn’t require re-learning things in your life,” Woodward says. “You don’t have to go to a shop to buy a bong or papers. You don’t have to have some special apparatus. You’re going to incorporate Shoogies products into your life, the way you already use these products anyway.”  

Jeff Joseph