In the spirit of Luckbox’s upcoming issue, which focuses on all aspects of cryptocurrency, our editorial team made its very own NFT.

Stay tuned for the October issue, where we will outline the recipe for creating an NFT, as well as look into different disciplines of art exploring the NFT world, such as tattoos.

Our NFT includes…

A never-before-released alternative rendering of Luckbox’s debut issue cover.

A 20-issue subscription to the print magazine for its current owner.

A physical copy of Luckbox Issue No. 1 signed by Tom Sosnoff.

And Luckbox, tastytrade and Code Platoon T-shirts.

Featured on this cover is a portrait of Tom Sosnoff, tastytrade’s co-CEO, designed by Brazilian pop culture artist Butcher Billy.

All proceeds from the NFT sale will be donated to the nonprofit training program Code Platoon, a charity that helps veterans and their families smoothly transition into the workforce by providing technical training and job placement assistance. The program was featured on tastytrade network’s Bootstrapping in America in 2019.

Over the past five years, Code Platoon has had more than 180 veterans, active duty and military spouses graduate from its program. Median income for veterans before taking part in Code Platoon programs is $40,000. After Code Platoon, income typically jumps to $65,000, with 75% of graduates working as software developers and engineers.

Check out our NFT listing here.