1 Messaging app, browser, email; 2 Trading charts; 3 Self-healing
   cutting mat; 4 Large reflective ball bearing; 5 Tools; 6 Headphones

Crypto trader and portfolio manager

Home/Office location
Miami Beach, Florida  


Years trading

How did you start trading?
Originally during the tech stock boom in the early 2000s while still in high school, but professionally
at Citadel after graduating from university. (Citadel is a hedge fund and market maker).

Favorite trading strategy for what you trade most?
Gamma and vega around stocks, bonds and energy.

Average number of trades per day?

What percentage of your outcomes do you attribute to luck?
100%. It’s the process of structuring a portfolio to harness chance that introduces skill. An individual
outcome is always out of your control.

Favorite trading moment?
Massive asymmetric payoffs via well-identified trades around recent changes or new information that
the market suddenly catches up to. 

Worst trading moment?
Slowly bleeding on a position over an extended period of time.

Tell us about your approach to trading cryptocurrencies.
Disciplined, non-dogmatic portfolio management using options, futures and underlying coins. Constructing a well-defined thesis and exit strategy a priori. Protecting the left tail/massive drawdowns in exchange for giving
up some of the right tail. 

Favorite Trading Book

Soros on Soros:
Staying Ahead
of the Curve

By George Soros
Wiley, 1st edition (1995)
Paperback, 336 pages
$28, Amazon